What Every Student Should Know About Preparing Effective Oral Presentations

By Martin R. Cox

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Published by Pearson

Published: Jun 29, 2006

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What Every Student Should Know Preparing Effective Oral Presentations includes advice on overcoming speech anxiety and dealing with nervousness, building speaker confidence, researching and using supporting materials, using language effectively, organizing your presentation, opening and closing your presentation, using PowerPoint and other visual aids, and delivering an effective speech.

Table of Contents

1. Uh Oh! I Have to Deliver a Speech!
Understanding your nervousness
Tips for Staying Relaxed
Ten common errors to avoid
2. Before You Begin
The Communication Process
Determining Your Purpose
Selecting a Topic
Outlining the Speech
Creating a Bibliography
Documenting Your Sources
Some Guidelines to Avoid Plagiarism
3. Research & Support Material
The Research Process
Supporting Material
    Examples of Hard Evidence
    Examples of Soft Evidence
Tips for Using the Internet
4. Organizing Your Presentation
The Body of the Speech
Patterns of Organization
    Chronological patterns
    Spatial patterns
    Causal patterns
    Topical patterns
    Pro-con division
    The Motivated Sequence
5. Using Language Effectively
Oral Style v. Written Style
Tips for Effective Language Use
Memorable language
6. Opening & Closing the Presentation
Previews & Reviews
7. Using Presentation Aids
What are visual aids and why use them?
Types of visual aids
Creating effective presentation aids
8. Delivering an Effective Speech
The Beginning
Vocal Style
Eye contact
Text Movement
Facial expression
Evaluating Your Speech