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What Every Student Should Know About Researching Online

By David Munger, Shireen Campbell

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 13, 2006


What Every Student Should Know About Researching Online teaches students how to conduct research in the first place they will look: the Web. They’ll learn how to use search engines and databases and judge what they find, how to document the materials they borrow, and how to avoid online plagiarism. Annotated screen shots of Web pages show students where to locate the information they need to create a proper citation; numerous examples of properly cited online and electronic sources are also provided.

Table of Contents



1. Creating an online persona

Use an official email account

Adopt appropriate email conventions

Use informative subject headers

Avoid emoticons

Use an appropriate signature

Respect real-time lives

Beware mass emailings

Consider your overall web presence

2. A field guide to participating in online discussion

Class discussions

            How class discussion works

            Effective class discussion

Blog discussions

            Finding a blog

            Guidelines for commenting on blogs

            Making your own blog

Forum discussions

            Tips for using forums


            Contributing to Wikipedia

            Guidelines for contributing to Wikipedia

            Other wikis

            Creating your own wiki

Sharing pictures and movies

3. Evaluating sources

Use the internet to inform your research

Evaluating resources

            Dynamic versus static sources

            Select sources based on the demands of your project

Evaluate all sources you use

            Should you use a wiki in research?

Record all citation information for documentation purposes

4. Finding the right information

Searching with general sources

            Using your library website

            Using Wikipedia

Searching on the web

            Searching with web subject directories

            Searching with Open Directory

            Searching with Yahoo!

            Other subject directory indexes

            Searching with web search engines

            Narrowing your search

Advanced search strategies

            Boolean searching

            Using the Link command

            Searching for individuals

            Advanced browsing techniques

Conducting more specialized searches

            Using Google Scholar

            Using specialized research sites

Searching dynamic sources: Forums and blogs

            Searching forums

            Searching blogs

5. Managing the information you find

Building a document management system

            Saving information about your sources

            Using a research blog

            Other ways to track research sources

Saving your source materials

Downloading helper applications

6. Giving credit to your sources: Copyright online

Make single copies of copyrighted work for educational use

Make many copies of copyright work or publish it on the web if it meets fair use guidelines

Find out if a work is copyrighted before you reproduce

Request permission to reproduce copyrighted work

            Locating the copyright holder

            Sending the letter of request

Using open source and open content

7. Giving credit to your sources: Documenting online sources

Determine how sources are documented for your type of project

Using the MLA style to document electronic sources

            Collecting information about your source

            Formatting your citations

            Integrating source materials

Using the APA style to document electronic sources

            Collecting information about your source

            Formatting your citations

            Integrating source materials

Appendix: How to make anything look good online


            Font styles



            Inline images



vB Code



            Inline images

Other formats

A quick guide to putting your images online

Directory of URLs referenced in the text   





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What Every Student Should Know About Researching Online

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