What Every Student Should Know About Study Skills

By Pearson Education, . . Pearson Education

ISBN-10: 0-321-44736-0

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Published by Pearson

Published: Oct 18, 2006

Format: Paper

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What Every Student Should Know About Study Skills teaches students the study skills they need to master for college success. The strategy-development activities throughout the book allow student to assess their learning styles, improve time management and stress management, and become active learners.


The What Every Student Should Know About... series is a collection of guide books designed to help students with specific topics that are important in a number of different college courses. Instructors can package any one of these booklets with their Allyn & Bacon/Longman textbook for no additional charge, or the booklets can be purchased separately. Consult your local Allyn & Bacon/Longman representative for more details.