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What Every Student Should Know About Using a Handbook

By Kim Murray

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 14, 2007


What Every Student Should Know About Using a Handbook offers students concrete strategies for getting the most out of their handbook.  It shows students that handbooks are all-in-one, easy to reference tools that can provide invaluable help when engaging in any type or writing or research assignment, whether in their introductory writing course or beyond.  Teaching students to use all the sections of their handbook (writing process, research process, grammar, and style) with tips, exercises and scavenger hunts, this guide helps students use a critical reference tool to produce better papers and projects.

Table of Contents



Handbook Scavenger Hunt


  1. Just what is a handbook, anyway?
    1. Writing instruction
    2. Research
    3. Grammar & Punctuation
  2. How is a handbook different from other reference books?
    1. Atlas
    2. Almanac
    3. Thesauri and dictionaries
    4. Handbooks
  3. What can a handbook help me do?
    1. Writing instruction exercise
    2. Research exercise
    3. Grammar & punctuation exercise
    4. Problems student has with writing and finding solutions in handbook exercise
  4. How do I find the information I need?
    1. Inside covers
    2. Divider tabs
    3. Running heads and footers
    4. Index
    5. Revision guide
  5. College Writing
    1. Using a handbook for writing in courses for your major
  6. How can a handbook help me improve my writing and get better grades in my courses?
    1. Understanding an assignment
    2. Responding to feedback and red ink
    3. Writing an exam essay (on my midterm?)
  7. How can a handbook help me with writing a research paper?
    1. Choosing a topic
    2. Online research/sources
    3. Evaluating sources
    4. Plagiarism
    5. Documentation
    6. Formatting a research paper
  8. What kind of information does the handbook have for someone who speaks or writes in a different language?


    1. Now how well do I know my handbook? (exercise)
    2. Full sample student paper
    3. Online resources


What Every Student Should Know About Using a Handbook

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