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What Every Teacher Should Know About Your First Year of Teaching: Guidelines for Success, 5th Edition

By Richard D. Kellough

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 8, 2008

Table of Contents


Accommodating Student Differences: Recognizing and Working with Specific Learners

Attaining Credibility with Students: Teacher Attitude and Modeling Behaviors.


Beyond Teaching: A Teacher Is Interesting Because the Teacher Has a Life Outside of School.


Colleagues, Administrators, and Support Staff: Your Professional Network.

Curriculum Matters and Concerns.


Decision-Making and Locus of Control: No One Knowledgeable Ever Said That Good Teaching Is Easy, But It Is Fun and Intrinsically Rewarding.

Differentiating the Instruction: Ensuring that No Child Is Left Behind.

Discipline: Fear of Losing Classroom Control Is a Major Concern of Many Beginning Teachers.


Equality in the Classroom: Ensuring a Psychologically Safe and Supportive Learning Environment.


Field Trip: Planning for Success

First Day: Your One Opportunity to Make An Initial Impression.


Guest Speaker: Making It a Successful Learning Experience.


High Energy Days and the Disruption of Routine: Kids Are Human, Too.

High Stakes Testing: Checking That No Student is Left Behind.

Internet: Valuable Resource for Enhancing Teaching and Student Learning.


Job Satisfaction: A Two-Way Street.


Makeup Work: Be Firm But Understanding.

Media: If Anything Can Go Wrong, It Probably Will!

Memorizing: Sometimes It’s Necessary.

Motivational Ideas: Build Your Repertoire.


PaperWork: How to Avoid Becoming Buried Under Mounds of It.

Parent and Guardian Contacts and Involvement: Leaving No Parent/Guardian Behind

Politics at School: Best to Avoid.

Professional Organizations: Join One.

Protecting Students and Yourself: Liability, Safety, and Security Matters.


Records: Organization is Important to Success

Reliability: A Good Teacher Is a Dependable Person.


Salary: Not Great But Regular.

Sense of Humor, an Intelligent Behavior: Please Smile and Do So Long Before Christmas.

Student Achievement: The Extremely Important and Time-Intensive Responsibilities of Assessing, Grading, and Reporting.

Student Learning: When Children Do Not Learn the Way We Teach Them, Then We Must Teach Them the Way They Learn.

Subject Knowledge: Fountainhead of Information or an Educational Broker?

Supplies and Textbooks: Seldom Ideal, Sometimes Inadequate.


Teachable Moments: Be Ready to Recognize, to Catch and to Run with Them

Teacher’s Lounge: Enter with Caution.

Total School: Enter with Enthusiasm.

Transitions During Lessons: A Difficult Skill to Master.


Your Place of Work: Please Show Pride in It.

Your First Observation by the Principal.

Your Professional Portfolio and Personal Records of Your Work.



References and Recommended Readings


Name and Subject Index.