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What Really Matters in Vocabulary: Research-Based Practices Across the Curriculum, 2nd Edition

By Patricia M. Cunningham

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 21, 2013


Pat Cunningham’s What Really Matters in Vocabulary, 2/e will help teachers increase the number of words students know meanings for–as well as the depth of meanings for those words–as a day-in, day-out, across-the-school-day priority. In it, teachers see how to make vocabulary come to life in the classroom and across the curriculum while discovering that what really matters is building bigger vocabularies to make all students better readers, including non-native English speakers and children who live in economic poverty.

Table of Contents


The What Really Matters Series

  1. Why Vocabulary Matters
  2. Reading is What Matters Most
  3. Tell Your Students to Talk
  4. Writing Builds Expressive Vocabulary
  5. Teaching Vocabulary Independence
  6. Morpheme Magic
  7. Building Vocabulary While You Teach Reading
  8. Building Vocabulary While You Teach Math
  9. Building Vocabulary While You Teach Science
  10. Building Vocabulary While You Teach Social Studies
  11. Building Vocabulary While You Teach Art, Music and P. E.
  12. Word Wonder