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Why should anyone buy from you? CourseSmart eTextbook: Earn customer trust to drive business success

By Justin Basini

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jul 31, 2013



This revealing book shows how the only reliable route to sustainable business growth and profit is to build trust in your company.

Justin Basini presents an array of surprising insights based on his in-depth research and on exclusive interviews with business leaders. He takes a practical approach that will help you assess the level of trust in your business – and help you improve it, offering achievable solutions as well as new frameworks, insights and approaches to marketing.


Table of Contents




Introduction: Why trust makes you money


1 Why trust matters

A deeper understanding of trust

Easy to feel but hard to define

The nice guy finishes first

A trusts B to do X

Are people who trust dumb?

Free market free fall

So what builds trust?

Appeal to the heart and the head will follow

Brands are stores of trust

Social capital, trust and brands

Thick versus thin


2 What’s the matter with trust?

The decline and fall

How is trust changing?

Who do we trust?

Do we trust business and businesspeople?

In brands we trust

Fear and greed

Doing a runner?

Morality and the wealth of nations

Ethics versus morality in business


3 Trust in marketing?

From deference to reference

Blink or think?

From deference to preference

Programmed to want

Convenient truths


4 Beginning the journey to trust

Commanding trust

The sizeable prize of trust

Towards a framework for building trust

Seek to understand

Communications that match signals with the brand reality and aspiration

Driving behaviours that command trust

Get a mission


5 The new realism

I can’t get no satisfaction

Youthink in benefits, but your customer thinks in risks

Fear and risk

How does trust work in your category?


6 Realities and aspirations

Manipulating behaviour

The drip, drip, drip

The three states of a brand

Matching the brand signals with brand reality

Strategies to signal trustworthiness

The story matters


7 The turning point

Less crisis and more reformation

From mass communications to mass interactions

From eyeballs to engagement

From attention to contention

The battle for the voice of business

Top-down is dead

Unleash the people


8 Are you a high-trust organisation?

Trust is a two-way thing

Does your business trust your customer?

How do you show you trust?

Are you a high-trust organisation?

Ideas for creating a high-trust organisation

The next steps towards higher-trust organisations

Is your business rich in social capital?


9 Living-room leadership

Leaders: apply within

Big problems, big opportunities, big connections


Start at the beginning


10 The future of trust

Bankers are evil, aren’t they?

‘What is your job for?’

The power of system redesign

Every business is social

Selling less stuff

This future is radical





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