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Winning Habits: 4 Secrets That Will Change the Rest of Your Life

By Dick Lyles

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jan 12, 2004


Winning Habits is a powerful parable that identifies the four fundamental habits at the heart of success in business and in life--and shows exactly how readers can apply those habits in their own lives. The 4 secrets that will change the rest of readers' lives are: 1) Be first on, last off, and add extra value; 2) Never trade results for excuses; 3) Solve problems in advance; 4) Always make those around you look good. The book builds on the lessons and characters in Dick Lyles' bestselling Winning Ways to show readers how to make great things happen around them and for them--whether or not they're already in a leadership role. This is the first book to combine the "habits" focus that made Stephen Covey's Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People so successful and the parable approach used so well by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. In fact, Lyles has worked closely with Blanchard and Johnson--and both have reviewed and enthusiastically endorsed this book.

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