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Women and Justice: It's a Crime, 5th Edition

By Roslyn Muraskin

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 30, 2010


It’s a Crime: Women and Justice, Fifth Edition, is an all-inclusive work on women and issues of justice. The most complete text available, it compiles over 35 essays that explore issues such as: the history of women’s issues; women and the law; women and violence; women and health problems; gender and race, women and prison; women and criminal justice professions; women and terrorism; and girls and delinquency. Written by Roslyn Muraskin and leading scholars in the field, this edition highlights over twenty-two new essays and presents a thought-provoking dialogue concerning the major issues women face in the criminal justice system.

Table of Contents


Historical development of women’s issues


Chapter 1    “Ain’t I a Woman?”

                        Roslyn Muraskin 


Chapter 2    Feminist Theories

                        Roslyn Muraskin       


Chapter 3    A Contextual History of Black Women Executions: a Chronicle of Resistance to Systemic Gendered Racism

                        David v. Baker



Women and the Law

Chapter 4    Mothers, Children and Crime: The Role of Parenting  in Women’s Desistance after Incarceration

                        Venezia Michalsen


Chapter 5    Perpetrators and Victims: Maternal Filicide and Mental Illness

                        Stacey   L. Shipley 


Chapter 6    Postpartum Syndromes and the Legal System

                        Cheryl  L. Meyer and Tara C. Proano-Raps


Chapter 7    Listening to Women’s Voices: Considering why Mothers Kill their Children

                        Cheryl L. Meyer and Cindy E. Weisbart


Chapter 8    Lives in Transition: A Needs Assessment of Women Exiting from Prostitution

                        Stacy L. Mallicoat


Chapter  9    Abortion: Is It a Right of Privacy or Compulsory Childbearing?

                        Roslyn Muraskin


Chapter 10    Murdering for Motherhood: A New Breed of Female Murderers

                        Etta F. Morgan


Chapter 11    Trafficking in Women

                           Ann Janette Alejanno Steele and Liying Li 


Chapter 12    Human Trafficking of Young Women and Girls for Sexual Exploitation

                        Thozama Lutya           





Chapter  13    Women: Second Class Citizens?

                            Roslyn Muraskin 


Chapter 14    It’s not Sex, it’s Rape  

                            Roslyn Muraskin    


Chapter 15    Explaining Fear of Crime as Fear of Rape Among College Females: An Examination of Multiple Campuses in the United States

                        Rhonda R. Dobbs, Courtney Waid & Tara O’Connor Shelley 


Chapter 16    National  Crime Survey and Rape

                           Helen Eigenberg


Chapter 17    Domestic Violence or Intimate Partner Violence? (IPV)

                        Roslyn Muraskin


Chapter  18    Older Battered women: Telling the Stories of Four  Women who live with IPV for Twenty Years or More

                            Suzanne Faries Lowe and Laura J. Moriarty


Chapter 19    Sexual Harassment: Part of the Continuum of Violence against Women

                        Roslyn Muraskin


Chapter 20    Female Victims and Cyberstalking Legislation

                           Janice Joseph 



Women Incarcerated


Chapter 21    Disparate Treatment of Women: Historical Overview

                            Roslyn Muraskin


Chapter 22    Gender and Corrections: Comparing Facilities and Programs

                            Alana Van Gundy


Chapter 23    Three Strikes and Its Women Who are Out: The Hidden Consequences for Women of Criminal Justice Policy Reforms

                            Mona  J.E.  Danner


Chapter  24    Behind the Walls of Injustice: Assessing the Impact of Maternal Incarceration on Women and Children

                            Zina T. McGee, Whytnee Foriest, Kdari Taylor-Watson, Amanda red, Tiffany and Brittany Kirkland


Chapter 25    Witnessing through Memoir: A Restorative Justice Tool

                            Erika Duncan 


Chapter  26    Female Recidivists Speak about their Experience in Drug Court while Engaging in Appreciative Inquiry

                            Michael Fischer, Brenda Geiger and Mary Ellen Hughes


Chapter 27    Mentally Ill Women in Jails: Asylums for the Invisible

                        Rosemary Guido and Lanette Dalley


Chapter 28     Doing HIV/AIDS  “time” : Healthcare needs of Women Prisoners

                            Barbara H. Zaitzow and  Mark M. Lanier


Chapter 29    Women’s  Re-entry Experiences: Resources from Network Relationships

                            Hoan N. Bui


Chapter 30    Women on Death row

                        Etta F. Morgan   




Women and Criminal Justice Professions

Chapter 31    Early Policing in the United States: “Help Wanted — Women Need Not Apply”

                            Martin L. O’Connor


Chapter 32    The Policies of United States Police Departments: Equal Access, Equal Treatment?   

                            Corine Schulze


Chapter 33    A Paler Shade of Blue:  Women and the Police Subculture

                        Kim M. Lersch and Thomas  Bazley


Chapter 34    The  Career Trajectories of Female Police Executives

                        Cara Rabe-Hemp   


Chapter 35    The Dislike of Female Offenders Among Correctional Officers:  A Need for Specialized Training   

                        Christine E. Rasche


Chapter 36    Women in the Legal Profession: Challenges for the 21st Century

                            Jody Clay-Warner, Jennifer McMahon-Howard & Katie James



A Note on Women and Terrorism


Chapter 37     Women’s Attitudes Toward the Threat of Terror

                            Ramona Brockett, Jonathan C. Odo, & Peter Ezekwenna


Conclusions and a Look to the Future

Roslyn Muraskin