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Women and Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Julie Anne B Dolan, Melissa M. Deckman, Michele L. Swers

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 5, 2010

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Providing balanced, unbiased coverage of female politicians on the national, state, and local levels, Women and Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence analyzes the most recent research in the field while maintaining a focus on the historic events and key players in the women’s movement.  Profiling a diverse group of political women and their experiences in the world of politics, this text recounts the paths women have taken to gain power, analyzes the elite status female politicians have achieved thus far, and questions the continued underrepresentation of women in politics today.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1:  Introduction and Theoretical Framework



Part I: Women’s Paths to Power


Chapter 2:  Women in Social Movements, Interest Groups, and the Political Parties

The Fight for Suffrage

Feminism, the Second Wave (1960s—Present)

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

Women and Interest Groups

Women and Political Parties



Chapter 3:  The Gender Gap in Elections and Public Opinion

Courting the Women’s Vote: The Early Years

The Emergence of the Modern Gender Gap

Issues That Explain the Gender Gap

Does the Gender Gap Bring Women Political Power?

Do Women Vote for Women?



Chapter 4:  The Impact of the Media on Political Women

The News Media in the United States

When Women Unite: Media Coverage of the Women’s Movements and Feminism

The Battles for Suffrage and ERA

Media Coverage of Female Politicians and First Ladies

Women in Media Today: A Fair Balance?



Chapter 5:  Women as Candidates for Elective Office

Introduction: North Carolina’s 2008 Senate Race

Running for Office in the United States: Who Decides to Run?

Why Women are Less Likely to Run: 4 Theories

Challenges on the Campaign Trail and Strategies for Success




Part II:  Women in Power


Chapter 6:  Women and Local Politics and Government

Women in Local Elective Office

Women in the Bureaucracy

Women in Nongovernmental Organizations and the Business Sector



Chapter 7:  Women in Congress and the State Legislatures

Women’s Representation in Democratic Legislative Bodies Across the World

Women in Congress and State Legislatures: A Historical Perspective

Women in Congress and State Legislatures: A Distinctive Impact on Policy?

Women in Leadership



Chapter 8:  Women in the Executive Branch

Women as Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

Governors and Lieutenant Governors

Women as Presidential and Gubernatorial Appointees

Statewide Elected Executives

Career Executives in the Federal and State Governments

Do Women Make a Difference? Their Policy and Political Impact



Chapter 9:  Women in the Judiciary

Why the Courts Are Important

History of Women in the Legal Profession and Judiciary

The Difference Women Judges Make

Gender Bias in the Courts




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