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Women and the Economy: Family, Work, and Pay, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Saul D. Hoffman, Susan Averett

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Mar 5, 2009

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Women and the Economy uses the tools of contemporary mainstream economics to examine different aspects of women’s lives, from the labor market to family policy and structure. Economic theory is blended with cutting-edge empirical research and policy issues to illuminate and explain the momentous changes in the lives of American women in the twenty-first century.

Appropriate for students with a principles of economics or an intermediate microeconomics background, this text provides a comprehensive and engaging look at a variety of intriguing topics, including the effects of rising wages for women, the economic impacts of divorce, the child quantity-quality distinction, marriage subsidies, and the childcare market.

Table of Contents

1. Women and the Economy—Introduction
2. Economics Tools and Economic Thinking
3. Marriage and the Family—An Economic Approach
4. Marriage and the Family—Economic Issues and Applications
5. The Economics of Fertility
6. Nonmarital and Teen Fertility
7. Women at Work
8. Women’s Earnings, Occupation, and Education—An Overview
9. The Gender Gap in Earnings: Explanations
10. The Gender Gap in Earnings: Methods and Evidence
11. Women's Employment and Earnings: Policy
12. Poverty, Welfare, and Women
13. Women, Taxes, and Social Security
14. Family Policy
15. Women in Developing Countries

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