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Women in Politics: Outsiders or Insiders, 5th Edition

By Lois Duke Whitaker

Published by Taylor and Francis

Published Date: Jul 22, 2010

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Updated in a new 5th edition, Women In Politics: Outsiders or Insiders, this reader provides relevant research on women and politics across a spectrum of topics and perspectives. With a feminist theoretical framework, it examines some gender differences in political attitudes and voting, looks at gender cultural reflections in the mass media and group politics, and examines how women have fared in competing for public office.

Table of Contents



PART I: Women, Equality, and Feminist Theory


Chapter 1: The Study of Women: A Theoretical Framework


Feminist Theory as Seeing

Jennifer Ring - University of Nevada, Reno


The Riddle of Consciousness: Racism and Identity in Feminist Theory

Nancie E. Caraway - University of Hawaii-Manoa


PART II: Women and Politics


Chapter 2: Gender Differences in Political Attitudes and Voting


More Rethinking Pink and Blue: Gender, Occupational  Stratification, and Political Attitudes,

Maureen Rand Oakley - Mount St. Mary’s University

Gertrude A. Steuernagel — Deceased

Thomas E. Yatsco - U.S. Department of Transportation

Irene J. Barnett - Kent State University


The Restoration of the Gender Gap in 2004: Are Women Becoming an Important Constituency in American Politics?

Cal Clark - Auburn University

Janet M. Clark - University of West Georgia


The New Right in American Politics: What Do Women Have to Do with It?

Cynthia Burack - Ohio State University


Chapter 3: Women, Media, and Group Politics


Women Politicians and the Mass Media: Does Gender Influence the News?

Lois Duke Whitaker - Georgia Southern University 


The New Gendered Partisan Divide and Representation of Women and Women’s Organizations

Denise L. Baer - Strategic Research Concepts, Rockville, Maryland


Insider Tactics, Viable Candidates, and Women’s Capital:  How EMILY’s List Became a Major Political Force

Jamie Pamelia Pimlott - Niagara University


Chapter 4: Women and Elections: The Uphill Struggle


First Time Candidates: How Strategic Are Women Running for the State Legislature?

Susan A. MacManus - University of South Florida

Charles S. Bullock, III - University of Georgia

Kathryn A. DePalo - Florida International University

Rachael Ivey - University of Georgia 


Women Campaign Consultants: A New Actor in the Campaign Process

Sarah E. Brewer, Contractor, Abbtech Staffing Services Office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State




Chapter 5: Legislatures, Women, and Policy Making        


Women in the U.S. Congress: From Entry to Exit

Jennifer L. Lawless - American University

Sean M. Theriault - University of Texas


Gender and Representation in State Legislatures

Sarah Poggione - Ohio University


Chapter 6: The Executive Branch: Women and Leadership


A Woman in Charge of the Country?  Women Prime Ministers and Presidents - a (Not Quite) Global Phenomenon

Farida Jalalzai - University of Missouri-Saint Louis 


First Ladies and Their Influence on Politics, Policy, and the Presidency

Robert P. Watson - Lynn University


Fulfilling the Promise: Governor Ladies to Chief Executives and Beyond

Sara J. Weir - Western Washington University


Toward a Representative Bureaucracy: Can Gender Make a Difference?

Katherine Naff - San Francisco State University



Chapter 7: The Courts: Women and Decisions


Litigating for Social Change: The Role of Women’s Groups in Advancing Women’s Rights

Karen O’Connor - The American University

Alixandra B. Yanus - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill    


Making a Difference: Women in the Judiciary

Elaine Martin - Eastern Michigan University

Barry Pyle - Eastern Michigan University    




CHAPTER 8: Public Policy: The Feminist Perspective


Working Women and Their Families: The Family and Medical Leave Act

Joan Hulse Thompson - Arcadia University


Gonzales v. Carhart: The Implications of the ‘Partial Birth Abortion Ban’ on Reproductive Rights and Women’s Health

Jessica Waters - American University


Affirmative Action and Women

Roberta Ann Johnson - University of San Francisco


Chapter 9: Women, Empowerment, and Cultural Expression                    


Third-Wave Feminism and Individualism: Promoting Equality or Reinforcing the Status Quo?

Kathleen P. Iannello - Gettysburg College


Inside or Outside? Women’s Role in American Military History

D’Ann M. Campbell - Montana State University, Billings


Grounds for Criticism: Coffee, Passion, and the Politics of Feminist Discourse

Elizabeth A. Kelly - DePaul University




Women in Politics: Outsiders or Insiders, 5th Edition

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