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Women, Politics, and American Society, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Nancy E. McGlen, Karen O'Connor, Laura van Assendelft, Wendy Gunther-Canada

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 11, 2011

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By combining historical and topical approaches with a focus on political rights, education and employment, and familial and reproductive rights, Women, Politics, and American Society offers the most comprehensive understanding of where women stand today in America and the battles they have fought to get there.  By providing strategies for changes that still need to be made before full equality can be reached, this text motivates readers to pursue subjects of particular interest in greater detail and encourages students to become active participants in the political process.



Table of Contents





Introduction: Women’s Movements in America

An Overview of Women’s Rights Movement Activity

The Early Woman’s Movement (1848—1875)

The Suffrage Movement (1890—1925)

The Women’s Rights Movement (1966—1982)

Radical Feminists

Mainstream Feminists

Feminism Today


1  The Struggle for Political Rights

The Woman’s Rights Movement and the Ballot

The Civil War Amendments

New Groups Founded

PROFILES IN LEADERSHIP: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

Woman Suffrage and the Fourteenth Amendment

Litigating for the Franchise

Toward a Constitutional Amendment

The Antisuffrage Movement

The Suffrage Movement: The Quest for the Vote Continues

Constituent Groups

Educated Suffrage

Suffrage Flounders

Toward a National Amendment

A Winning Plan

Suffrage Not Enough–The Beginning of the End

The NWP and the Equal Rights Amendment

The Drive for Women’s Political Rights

The President’s Commission on the Status of Women and NOW

The Ratification Effort

ERA–The First Stage (1972—1977)

ERA–The Second Stage (1977—1979)

ERA–The Third Stage (1979—1982)

The Aftermath of the ERA Ratification Effort: Women’s Groups Mobilize for Expanded Political Opportunities

WOMEN AND POLITICS: Madam President. When Will a Woman Win the White House?

GLOBAL AWARENESS: Women Elected to Executive Office

The National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC)

The Feminist Majority Foundation

League of Women Voters

The American Association of University Women

National Organization for Women

Women’s PACs

NOW/PAC and NOW Equality PAC

EMILY’s List

The WISH List




2   Women’s Political Participation

Cultural Attitudes About the Political Participation of Women

Impact of the Current Women’s Rights Movement on Political

Political Socialization

Political Interest and Knowledge

Political Efficacy 

Political Participation 

Voter Turnout

Issue Positions

Party Identification

Voting Patterns

Political Activism

Lobbying and Community Involvement

Campaign and Party Work

Office Holding

Women in Congress

Women in State Legislatures and Statewide Elective Office

Women in Local Elective Office

Barriers to Women in Elected and Appointed Positions


Media Bias

Career Choice and Ambition

Family Demands

Sex Discrimination

The Political System

Campaign Finance

Party Organization 

Electoral Systems


GLOBAL AWARENESS: Women in National Parliaments, 2009

Problems Faced by Women in Elected Positions

Impact of Women in Elected Positions

Women Legislators at the State and Local Level

Women in Congress

Problems Faced by Women in Appointed Positions

The Executive Branch 

The Federal Judiciary 

PROFILES IN LEADERSHIP: Justice Sonia Sotomayor

Impact of Women in Appointed Positions 




3   The Struggle for Employment and Educational Rights

The Woman’s Movement


The Seneca Falls Convention and the Woman’s Movement

Efforts on Behalf of Working Women

Professionalization and Education

The Suffrage Movement

The Drive for Protective Legislation

Maximum Hour and Minimum Wage Laws

Women and Work After Gaining Suffrage

Education and the Professions

World War II

Education after World War II

The Women’s Rights Movement

The Equal Pay Act

Department of Labor Enforcement

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

EEOC Enforcement

BFOQs Customer Preference and Protective Legislation

Affirmative Action 

PROFILES IN LEADERSHIP: The Sanchez Sisters Elected to Congress

Sexual Harassment 


Employment Discrimination and the Consequences of Childbearing

Pregnancy Discrimination

The Difference Debate

The Family and Medical Leave Act

GLOBAL AWARENESS: Family Leave Around the World


Title IX and the Constitution

WOMEN AND POLITICS: Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Fights for Title IX


Student Treatment

Test Fairness

Hiring and Personnel Practices




4   Women’s Economic and Educational Status

Attitudes Toward Work and Women

Before the Women’s Movement

The Impact of the Women’s Movement

Attitudes Toward Mothers Working

Attitudes About the Abilities of Women

Preparation of Women for Employment Outside the Home

Early Training for Work

The Women’s Rights Movement and Preparation for Work

Education and Work Readiness

Work-force Commitment Attitudes

Sex Discrimination

Discrimination by Employers

Discrimination by Male Employees

Economic and Marketplace Factors

Impact of Barriers on the Position of Women in the Marketplace

Employment Levels of Women

Work-force Commitment of Women

Wages of Women


Solutions to Pay Inequity

Comparable Worth

Affirmative Action

Family Leave, Day Care, and Flexible Jobs




5  The Struggle for Familial and Reproductive Rights

The Woman’s Movement

Effects of the Common Law

Divorce Reform

Birth Control

Voluntary Motherhood

WOMEN AND POLITICS: Victoria Woodhull for President

The Suffrage Movement

Educated Motherhood

Birth Control in the Suffrage Era

The Current Women’s Rights Movement


Marriage and the Loss of Identity


PROFILES IN LEADERSHIP: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Marriage and Divorce Law

Divorce and Custody Laws

Marriage, Motherhood, and the Post-modern Family

Motherhood and New Issues of “Family”

The Decision to Have Children


Reproductive Freedom

Birth Control

Adolescent Access to Birth Control

GLOBAL AWARENESS: Reproductive Health Care for Teenagers


A Pro-choice Administration

Litigation to Stop Violence

Congress Acts

NOW v. Scheidler Decided

The Freedom of Choice Act

Congress Votes to Roll Back Reproductive Rights

A Pro-life Administration

New Frontiers in Reproductive Rights

The Obama Administration




6   Women’s Place In the Family

Attitudinal Change Toward Marriage and the Family

Pre-twentieth-Century America

The Women’s Rights Movement and Attitudes Toward Marriage and Family

Attitudes Toward Marriage

Attitudes Toward Motherhood

Sexuality and Birth Control

Women’s and Men’s Resources in the Struggle for Equal Roles

Discrimination by Men in the Family

Impact of Cultural Attitudes, Lack of Resources, and Discrimination on the Position of Women in the Family

Marriage Rates

Companionship Marriage




The New Families




7   The Future of the Movement

Prerequisites for a Reenergized Women’s Rights Movement

Organizational Base and Organizational Support

Leaders and Organizers

Communications Networks

Critical Mobilizing Events

Political Mobilization

Goals for the Women’s Rights Movement





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