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Women's Mental Health Issues Across The Criminal Justice System, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Rosemary L. Gido, Lanette Dalley

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: May 15, 2008

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For special issues courses in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Corrections and Public Policy.


The first of its kind, Women’s Mental Health Issues Across the Criminal Justice System is dedicated to giving the “most invisible” offenders in today’s criminal justice system–mentally ill adolescent girls and women–a face and a voice. The book is organized around the subsystems of the U.S. criminal justice system. Each section highlights mental health research and policy issues and focuses on the impediments to treatment and service delivery as well as the model programs, assessments, and intervention processes that offer hope within and across the system.

Table of Contents

Preface:  Ros Muraskin


INTRODUCTION:  The unmet mental health needs of female offenders across

                                    The criminal justice system

                                    Rosemary L. Gido

Juvenile Justice:


CHAPTER 1 – Meeting the mental health needs of female juvenile offenders:

                          Where are we now and where do we go from here?

                           Rebecca Boyd


CHAPTER 2 - Mental health screening as intake triage for juvenile girl offenders:

                           A MAYSI-2 comparison of non-detained and detained girls

                           Philip Stinson


CHAPTER 3 – “I’ve been around and around and around” – Measuring

                           traumatic events in the lives of incarcerated girls

                           Judith Ryder, Sandra Langley and Henry Brownstein


Law Enforcement:


CHAPTER 4 – The challenges of policing the mentally ill: An exploration

                           of gendered and ungendered perspectives

                           Mary Dodge and Terri Schreiber


CHAPTER 5 -  Improving police interactions with the mentally ill:

                           Crisis Intervention Training

                           Laura Ketteler and Mary Dodge


 Mental Health Courts:


CHAPTER 6 – Women in mental health court: A femicentric-integrated

                           approach of service delivery for women with multiple


                           Janice Joseph



CHAPTER 7 -   Women in jail: Mental health care needs and service deficiencies

                            Phyllis Harrison-Ross and James E. Lawrence


CHAPTER 8 -  The contribution of childhood trauma to adult psychpathology

                           in dually diagnosed detainees: Implications for gender-based

                           jail and reentry trauma-informed services

                           Nahama Broner, Sarah Kopelovich, Damon W. Mayrl, and

                           David Bernstein




CHAPTER 9 -  Addressing the mental health needs of women offenders

                           Barbara Bloom and Stephanie Covington


CHAPTER 10 - Women destined to failure: Policy implications of the lack of

                          proper mental health and addiction treatment for female


                          Lanette P. Dalley and Vicki Michels


CHAPTER 11 - Prison-based programming for women with serious mental


                          Arthur J. Lurrigio and Andrew Harris




CHAPTER 12 - Reentry needs of female mentally ill offenders

                          Stephanie Hartwell and Karin Orr


CHAPTER 13 - Rebuilding “person-first” reentry strategies for women leaving

                          prison from the perspectives of the end users: the returning women

                          Nancy Wolff




CHAPTER 14 - Ethics, female offenders, and psychiatric illness: How the justice

                         and mental health system fail and abandon women

                         Kristie R. Blevins and Bruce A. Arrigo







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