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Words Their Way Word Sorts for Derivational Relations Spellers, 2nd Edition

By Shane Templeton, Francine Johnston, Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 23, 2008


Words Their Way® companion volumes, 2e

We believe that the hands-on word sorting approach to word study is invaluable to you and your students.  These stage-specific companion volumes to Words Their Way®: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction provide a complete curriculum of reproducible sorts and detailed directions for the teacher working with students in each stage of spelling development, from emergent through derivational relations. NOTE: This edition is 3 hole punched.


NEW! All second editions boast

  • Literature Connections making links between features being studies and valuable children’s literature
  • Targeted Learners sections that clarify which students will benefit most from the instruction
  • Spell Checks and other Assessments available more frequently throughout
  • High Frequency Words receive special attention 

This companion volume, the last in the series, provides word study for advanced readers and writers in the derivational relations stage of spelling development (Grades 5 — 12).  The text focuses on spelling and vocabulary knowledge that grow primarily through processes of derivation–from a single base word or word root to a number of related words derived through the addition of prefixes and suffixes. Additionally, students explore word origins and word spelling-meaning relationships.

Table of Contents

Unit I: Prefixes

Sort 1 Prefixes  (in-, un-, dis-, mis-)

Sort 2  Prefixes  (pre-, post-, fore-, after-)

Sort 3 Prefixes (re-, ex-, in-, de-) 

Sort 4  Prefixes (sub-, com-, pro-, en-)

Assessment for Sorts 1 -4

Unit II:  Derivational Suffixes

Sort 5  Suffixes (-y and —ly)

Sort 6 comparative suffixes (-er, -est, -iest, -ier)

Sort 7 Noun Suffixes (-er, -or, -ist, -ian)

Suffixes (-ment, -less, -ness)

Sort 9 Siffixes (-ary, -ery, -ory)

Sort 10 Suffixes (-ty and —ity)

Sort 11 suffixes (-al, -ial, -ic)

Sort 12 Adjective Suffixes (-ful, -ous, -ious)

Sort 13 Ver b Suffixes (-en, -ize, -ify)

Assessment for Sorts 5 — 13

Unit III: The Suffix -ion

Sort 14 Adding —ion to Base Words, No Spelling Change

Sort 15  Adding —ion and —ian, no spelling change

Sort 16  Adding —ion; e-drop and Spelling Change

Sort 17  Adding —ation, -cation, and —ition

Assessment for Sorts 14 - 17

Unit IV:  Spelling-Meaning Patterns

Sort 18  Consonant Alternation

Sort 19 Vowel Alternation — Long to Short

Sort 20 Vowel Alternation — Long to Short/Schwa

Sort 21 Adding Suffixe -ity: Vowel Alternation, Schwa to Short

Sort 22 Vowel Alternation, Long, Short, and Schwa

Sort 23 Adding -ion: Vowel Alternation — Spelling Change

Sort 24 Multiple Vowel Alternations

Assessment for  Sorts 18 - 24

Unit V:  Greek and Latin Elements I

Sort 25 Greek Number Prefixes  mono- , uni-, bi-, tri-)

Sort 26 More Number Prefixes

Sort 27  Greek and Latin Elements: Size (micro-, mega-, super- hyper-)

Sort 28  Greek Roots (tle, phon, photo, graph)

Sort 29 More Greek Roots (geo, therm, scope, meter, logy)

Sort 30 Latin Roots  (spect, port, form)

Sort 31 Latin Roots  (dic, aud, vis) 

Sort 32 Latin Roots  (gress, rupt, tract, mot)

Sort 33 Latin Roots  (fract, flect.flex, ject, mist./mit)

Sort 34 Latin Roots  (man, scrib/script, cred, fac)

Assessment for  Sorts 25 - 34

Unit VI:  Greek and Latin Elements II

Sort 35  Latin Roots  (duc/duct, sequ/sec, flu, ver/vert)

Sort 36  Latin Roots ( bene, mal) and Prefixes (ante-, post-)

Sort 37 Greek and Latin Elements: Amount (magni, min, poly, omni)

Sort 38 Greek and Latin Elements: Body (cap, corp, dent/don’t, ped/pod)

Sort 39 Greek and Latin Elements: (terr, astr/aster, hydra/hydro, bio)

Sort 40 Latin Roots (gen, mort, bio)

Sort 41 Latin Roots (ven/vent, junct, spir, sec/sect)

Sort 42 Latin Roots (jud, leg, mod, biblio)

Assessment for Sorts 35 - 42

Unit VII:  Greek and Latin Elements III

Sort 43  Latin and Latin Roots (voc, ling/lang, mem, psych)

Sort 44 Greek and Latin Roots (path, sens/sent, med/medi, sol)

Sort 45  Prefixes (intra-, inter-, intro-, circum-)

Sort 46  Latin Roots  (press, pur/purg, fus, pend)

Sort 47  Latin Roots  (pos, loc, sist, sta/stat/stit)

Sort 48  Latin Roots  (ced/cess/ceed, ten/tend, lit)

Sort 49  Predictable Spelling Changes in Word Roots (ceive/cept, tain/ten, nounce/nun)

Assessemnt for Sorts 43 -  49 

Unit VIII: Advanced Spelling-Meaning Patterns

Sort 50 Suffixes (-ent/-ence, -ant/-ance)

Sort 51 Suffixes (-ent/-ence/-ency, -ant/-ance/-ancy)

Sort 52 Suffixes  (--able, -ible)

Sort 53 Adding  -able (e-drop and y to i)

Sort 54 Accent and Doubling

Sort 55 Words from French

Assessment for Sorts 50 — 54

Unit IX: Prefix Assimilation

Sort 56 Prefix Assimilation: in-

Sort 57 Prefix Assimilation: com-

Sort 58 Prefix Assimilation: sub-

Sort 59 Prefix Assimilation: ex- and —ob

Sort 60 Prefix Assimilation: ad-

Assessment for Sorts 56 - 60            


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Words Their Way Word Sorts for Derivational Relations Spellers, 2nd Edition

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