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Workbook for the Fashion Designer: The Complete Guide to Fashion Illustration

By Aeran Park

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 5, 2012


WORKBOOK FOR THE FASHION DESIGNER: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FASHION ILLUSTRATION brings together comprehensive and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions for the core aspects of fashion illustration, including figure variation examples, preparing beginning students to grow within their own styles and eventually master advanced professional techniques. The author provides progressive instructional content for a 16 week course, showing instructors who are not professional illustrators exactly “how to do it," with detailed instructions and fully illustrated basic figure details and variations. It emphasizes stylized garment drawings, simplified fashion drawing processes, practical usage, and skills that can be learned easily at students’ own pace. All chapters are fully illustrated and gradually progress to rendering as students’ skills develop.


Table of Contents

1. Understanding Body Proportion

2. Eyes. Nose. Mouth. Ears. Head

3. Hands. Arms. Feet. Legs

4. Hair

5. Fashion Poses-I Weight on One Leg Poses

6. Fashion Poses-II Three Quarter View Poses

7. Fashion Poses-III Variations

8. Garment Rendering: Tops

9. Garment Rendering: Bottoms

10. Garment Rendering: Jackets. Coats

11. Detailing Rendering: Drapery

12. Texture Rendering: Sheer. Lace. Satin

13. Texture Rendering: Patterns. Prints

14. Texture Rendering: Fur. Knits

15. Shoes. Handbags. Hats

16. Men. Children