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Working with School-Age Children, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Marlene Bumgarner

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 6, 2010

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Working with School-Age Children examines the role of adults in children's lives outside of the classroom. It offers guidance for adult staff members as they interact with school-aged children, ages 5-12, in out-of-school activities.


Building off the foundations underlying after-school programs and care, the text explores the importance of quality and characteristics of effective programs and individuals that will meet each child's needs and interests out of school. It is filled with strategies for adult involvement, ideas for healthy and productive activities for children, and guidelines for developing after-school programs.


Teachers and child care providers find this book to be a powerful resource for staying involved in children's lives outside of school and providing them with the best options as they grow and develop.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Where Are Our Children After School?


CHAPTER 2 A View of the Field: School-Age Care and Youth Development

CHAPTER 3 Developing and Ensuring Program Quality


CHAPTER 4 What Does It Take to Work with School-Age Children?


CHAPTER 5 Theories of Child Development


CHAPTER 6 The Adult’s Role in Socialization and Development   


CHAPTER 7 Issues Facing Today’s Children

CHAPTER 8 Understanding and Guiding Children's Behavior

CHAPTER 9 Dimensions for Play and Learning


CHAPTER 10 Cooperative Program Planning


CHAPTER 11 A Health and Fitness Curriculum: Fighting Back Against Childhood Obesity


CHAPTER 12 Engaging Children in Indoor Activities

CHAPTER 13 Engaging Children in Outdoor Activities

CHAPTER 14 Working with Older School-Age Children and Teens

CHAPTER 15 Developing Partnerships with Families and the Community

CHAPTER 16 Administrative Issues: Licensing, Policies, and Personnel


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