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Workplace Writing: Planning, Packaging, and Perfecting Communication

By Sharon J. Gerson, Steven M. Gerson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 30, 2008

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This modern text outlines a simple solution for producing all forms of workplace communication–one that focuses on how to effectively plan, package and perfect oral and written communication. Its accessible, four-color design is illustrated with interesting scenarios and examples featuring real people, real communication challenges and real resolutions to those challenges. With its contemporary approach, it covers trends for electronic, hard-copy and oral communication and includes substantive illustrations that show before/after samples and writer annotations. Innovative end-of-chapter exercises are designed for a variety of learners and include degree-specific assignments that reinforce career-related communication techniques.  

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1.      Communicating in the Workplace

2.      Collaborating in the Workplace

3.      Meeting the Needs of the Audience

4.      Planning Workplace Communication

5.      Packaging Workplace Communication through Effective Document Design

6.      Perfecting Workplace Communication

7.      Oral Presentations and Nonverbal Communication in the Workplace

8.      Visual Aids in the Workplace

9.      Electronic Communication: E-Mail Messages, Instant Messages, Text Messages, and Blogging

10.  Traditional Correspondence: Memos and Letters

11.  Employment Communication: Resumes, Application Letters, Interviewing, and Follow-Up Letters

12.  Communicating Bad News in the Workplace

13.  Persuasive Workplace Communication

14.  Designing Web Sites

15.  Descriptions, Process Analyses, and Instructions

16.  Research and Documentation

17.  Short, Informal Reports

18.  Long, Formal Reports

19.  Internal and External Proposals

Appendix: Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling

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