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A World Full of Women, 6th Edition

By Martha C. Ward, Monica D. Edelstein

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Jul 10, 2013


Takes a cross-cultural approach to the study of women
A World Full of Women, 6/e, combines descriptive ethnography, gender theory, and international statistics to present a comprehensive picture of the lives of women. Readers will better comprehend and contextualize women¿s issues and experiences in today¿s world. This title explores the diversity of women¿s lives from class to culture, with examples ranging from women¿s work to marriage patterns, health issues, violence against women, and grassroots organizing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  ¿What¿s for Dinner Honey?¿  Work and Gender
Chapter 2.  Love and the Work of Culture
Chapter 3.  Blood and Milk:  Biocultural Markers in the Lives of Women
Chapter 4.  Patterns of Partnering from Romance to Resistance
Chapter 5.  Everyday Power:  Women¿s Agency, Authority, and Influence
Chapter 6.  A Two-Bodied World
Chapter 7.  A Third Sex?
Chapter 8.  Life¿s Lesions
Chapter 9.  Who Owns Her Body?
Chapter 10.  Invisible Workers


A World Full of Women, 6th Edition

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