World History Mapping Workbook, Volume 2, 2nd Edition

By Glee E. Wilson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 3, 2000


The geography and people of the world are constantly changing. In our global era, geographic perspective is more vital than ever. Understanding the world of the past and the present requires a basic understanding of the physical components of the earth.


The exercises in this workbook explain the relationships between human activity and the physical and topographic features of the earth. The workbook is designed to explain the correlations between historical events and geography through assignments that encompass reading and interpreting maps. Any systemic approach to the history of civilization demands a global, historical, chronological and geographic perspective. With that in mind, the thirty-three map exercises in this workbook provide an essential context to world history.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    An Introduction to the Elements of the Earth

Chapter 2    Europe: 1600-1700

Chapter 3    Absolutism: France, England, and Russia, 1600-1700

Chapter 4    Europe and the Global Perspective

Chapter 5    Africa, Europe and the World

Chapter 6    The Middle East, Europe, and the World

Chapter 7    Power Politics in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Chapter 8    Empires Abroad: 1600-1800

Chapter 9    France, Revolution, and Europe: 1789-1815

Chapter 10    Imperial China

Chapter 11    Southeast Asia

Chapter 12    Tokugawa Japan: 1600-1800

Chapter 13    Economic Transformation in Europe: 1750-1850

Chapter 14    New Patterns in Europe

Chapter 15    Unity in Italy

Chapter 16    German Unity

Chapter 17    Imperial Africa

Chapter 18    East Asia and Imperialism

Chapter 19    The Americas: 1700-1900

Chapter 20    Southeast Europe and the Ottoman Empire

Chapter 21    Nineteenth-Century China

Chapter 22    Japan and the Modern World

Chapter 23    Europe at War: World War I, 1914-1919

Chapter 24    Europe Between the Wars: 1919-1939

Chapter 25    Europe at War: World War II: 1935-1945

Chapter 26    War in the Pacific

Chapter 27    Modern Latin America

Chapter 28    Twentieth Century Africa

Chapter 29    The Middle East in the Modern World

Chapter 30    Postwar USSR

Chapter 31    Cold War Europe

Chapter 32    Post-Cold War Russia

Chapter 33    Post-Cold War Europe

Chapter 34    Modern Southeast Asia

Chapter 35    Modern South Asia

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World History Mapping Workbook, Volume 2, 2nd Edition

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