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World in the Twentieth Century, CourseSmart eTextbook, The, 6th Edition

By Daniel R. Brower

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 13, 2005

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For one quarter/semester courses in World History emphasizing the 20th century.

The World in the Twentieth Century discusses the major political and economic changes that have reshaped global relations and focuses on the forces leading to the collapse of empires and the resulting rise of nationalism throughout the world. It develops the thematic argument that the single most profound global transformation in human relations during the twentieth century has been the demise of all remaining empires and the emergence–in their place–of nation-states.

Table of Contents






1. Empires In Flux: The World In The Early Twentieth Century.

     Western Colonial Empires.

          Western Empires and Industrialism.

          The New Colonial Empires.

          Russia, Japan, and War for Empire.

          An Empire for the United States.

     HIGHLIGHT: The New Imperialism.

     Ancient Empires.

          The Fall of the Chinese Empire.

     SPOTLIGHT: The Empress Dowager of China.

          The Decline of the Ottoman Empire.

     Western Liberalism and Nationalism.

          The Liberal State.

          Industrial Society.

          European Nationalism.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


2. War and Revolutions, 1914-1930.

     War and Peace in Europe.

          The Origins of the First World War.

          The European War.

          Allied Victory.

     HIGHLIGHT: War and Society.

          Peacemaking and the League of Nations.

     The Birth of Fascism.

          Mussolini and Italian Fascism.

          The Fascist State.

     Communist Dictatorship in the Soviet Union.

          Lenin and the Communist Revolution.

          The Soviet Union and Its Peoples.

          The Challenge of Building Socialism.

     SPOTLIGHT: John Reed.

     Revolution in Mexico.

          The “Revolucion.”

          Mexico’s Social Revolution.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


3. Postwar Europe and Its Empires.

     Europe’s Postwar Revival.

          Peacemaking in Europe.

          The International Economy in Prosperity.

          The Global Depression.

          The Decline of Western Democracies.

     Western Empires in the Middle East and Africa.

     SPOTLIGHT: Hussein Ibn Ali.

          The Allies in the Middle East.

          The Problem of Palestine.

          Independence for Egypt.

     HIGHLIGHT: Petroleum and the International Economy.

          Postwar Colonial Empires in Africa.

     New Empires in East Asia.

          The New Japanese Empire.

          The Washington Conference.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


4. Nations Versus Empires In Asia: Turkey, India, China, 1918-1941.

The Forging of the Turkish Nation.

The Fall of the Ottoman Empire.

The Nation-State of Turkey.

British India and Indian Nationalism.

Hinduism and Islam in India.

British India.

India’s First Steps toward Freedom.

SPOTLIGHT: Mohandas Gandhi.

Nehru and Indian Independence.

The Muslim League and the Idea of Pakistan.

HIGHLIGHT: Colonialism and Nationalism.

Civil War and Foreign War in China.

The Rise of the Chinese Nationalist Party.

Mao Zedong and Chinese Communism.

China between Nationalists and Communists.

War against Japan.


Dates Worth Remembering.

Recommended Reading.


5. Despotic Empires Of The 1930s: Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Japanese Empire, 1930-1941.

     Nazism and Adolf Hitler.

          The Nazi Party and Hitler.

          The Nazi Dictatorship.

          The Expansion of the Nazi Empire.

     Stalin's Soviet Union.

          The Stalin Revolution.

          Stalinist Terror and Soviet Despotism.

          The Soviet Empire.

     HIGHLIGHT: Communism and Joseph Stalin.

     The Japanese Empire.

          Prosperity and Japanese Democracy.

          Depression and Japanese Militarism.

          Japanese Imperialism.

     SPOTLIGHT: Admiral Yamamoto.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


6. The Last World War, 1939-1945.

     The Empires of Germany and Japan.

          The Conquest of Europe.

          The United States: Between Neutrality and War.

          The German-Soviet War.

          The German Empire.

          The Japanese Empire.

     The Formation of the Grand Alliance.

     HIGHLIGHT: Internationalism.

          The United States in the Grand Alliance.

          The Soviet Union at War.

          Allied Cooperation.

     The Defeat of the Axis Empires.

          The United States and the Liberation of Western Europe.

     SPOTLIGHT: John Maynard Keynes.

          Soviet Triumph in Eastern Europe.

          Victory in East Asia.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Readings.




7. The Cold War and The West.

     The Cold War in the West.

          The Making of the New Soviet Empire.

          Partition of Germany.

          Iron Curtain and Containment.

          Soviet Satellites and the Berlin Blockade.

          Containment and Military Alliances.

     SPOTLIGHT: Eleni Gatzoyiannis.

     The New Soviet Empire.

          The “Outer” Empire.

          Post-Stalinist Soviet Union.

          The Arms Race and Cuban Missile Crisis.

     HIGHLIGHT: The Cold War in Outer Space.

     The New Europe.

          The End of Western Empires.

          Western European Recovery.

          Western European Unification.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


8. Cold War and Revolutions in East Asia.

     The Victory of the Chinese Communists.

          The Decline of Nationalist China.

          Communist Victory in China.

          The Chinese People’s Republic.

     The Korean War.

          Partitioned Korea.

          China, Stalin, and the Korean War.

          North and South Korea.

     HIGHLIGHT: Containment and Anti-Communism.

     Wars and Revolution in Indochina.

          The French Colonial War.

          North and South Vietnam.

     SPOTLIGHT: Ho Chi Minh.

          U.S. War in Vietnam.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


Recommended Reading.


9. The Resurgence of China and Japan, 1945-2000.

     Revolution to Riches in Communist China.

          Mao Zedong and Communist Dictatorship.

          Revolutionary China.

          The Great Leap Forward.

     SPOTLIGHT: The Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

          The Cultural Revolution.

          “To Get Rich Is Glorious.”

          After Communism: China in the Global Economy.

     HIGHLIGHT: Revolution and Command Economies.

     Japan’s Recovery from Defeat.

          U.S. Occupation of Japan.

          Japan in the Cold War.

          The “Economic Miracle.”


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Readings.


10. New Nations in South Asia.

     The New Island Republics.

          Independence for the Philippines.

          Sukarno and Indonesia.

     SPOTLIGHT: Sukarno.

          Singapore and the Global Economy.

     Independence for India and Pakistan.

          The End of British Rule.

          The Partition of the Indian Colony.

          Independence and War.

     HIGHLIGHT: New Nations and Ethnic Conflict.

     The Nation-States of India and Pakistan.

          Nehru and the New India.

          Democratic Socialism in India.

          Ethnic Diversity and Secular Democracy.

          War and Peace in South Asia.

          Nation and Islam in Pakistan.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


11. Africa and Latin America in the Third World.

     Africa's Liberation from Colonialism.

          Nationalism in Africa.

          Independence for African Colonies.

          The Triumph of Democracy in South Africa.

     SPOTLIGHT: Nelson Mandela.

          African State-Building and Failed States.

          The Failure of Economic Development.

     Latin America in the Cold War.

          The Lure of Economic Independence.

          Populism in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

          Central America under U.S. Domination.

          Castro’s Revolution.

     HIGHLIGHT: The Third World.

     Democracy in Latin America.

          From Dictatorship to Democracy in South America.

          Mexico’s New Democracy.

          Cuba, Central America, and the Yankees.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


12. Nations at War in the Middle East.

     Israel and the Middle East.

          The Struggle for Palestine.


          Revolution in Egypt.

     Nation-Building and Petroleum.

          Nasser and the Egyptian Nation.

          The Suez Canal and the 1956 War.

          Nasser’s Socialist Reforms.

          Petroleum and the Middle East.

     War, Peace, and Islam.

     HIGHLIGHT: Islam and the Nation-State.

          The Six-Day War.

          Egypt, Palestine and Peace with Israel.

          Iran’s Islamic Republic.

          The Oil Wars of Iraq.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Readings.


13. The West from Cold War to European Union.

     The New Industrial Revolution.

          The Electronic Age.

          Western Economic Bonds.

     European Nations and European Union.

          Tinkering with the Welfare State.

          European Union.

     HIGHLIGHT: Social Change and Women’s Rights.

     The Fall of the Soviet Empire.

          The Decline of the Soviet Union.

          The End of Communism.

     SPOTLIGHT: Andrei Sakharov.

          The End of the Cold War.

          The New Russia.

          Russia and Inner Asian Wars.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.


14. Local Wars, Global Economy: The World in the Late Twentieth Century.

     The Emergence of the Global Economy.

          Global Energy.

     HIGHLIGHT: The Global Environment.

          The Global Market.

     Local Wars and Peacekeeping.

          Ethnic Conflict and War in Central Africa.

          The Warring Peoples of the Balkans.

          Internationalism and the United Nations.

     Terrorism and Local Wars.

          Islam in Afghanistan.

     SPOTLIGHT: Osama bin Laden.

          The Local Wars of the United States.


     Dates Worth Remembering.

     Recommended Reading.




Partition of Africa, 1800-1914.

Empires in Asia,1914.

Europe at War, 1914-1918.

Europe and the Middle East after the First World War.

China at War, 1911-1949.

The Formation of the Japanese Empire.

The Second World War in Europe and Asia.

Decolonization of Western Empires since 1945.

Korean War 1950-53.

War in Vietnam.

Post-Colonial South Asia.

Contemporary Africa.

Contemporary Central and South America.

Israel and Its Neighbors.

The Middle East and Inner Asia in 1990.

Europe 1992.

United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, 2000 (U.N. Map #4000 Rev. 16, U.N. Cartographic Section).

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