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World of Art, A, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Henry M. Sayre

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 10, 2012

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Foster critical thinking and visual literacy in the Art Appreciation course.


A World of Art, Seventh Edition introduces students to art with an emphasis on critical thinking and visual literacy. Henry Sayre wrote A World of Art because he wanted to use a text in his own course that truly represented all artists, not just the Western canon found at that time in other texts. He also wanted a text that fostered critical thinking by encouraging students to talk about and question works of art. The new seventh edition further strengthens these two key aspects of the program by examining major themes in art and by adding the new MyArtsLab—which provides engaging experiences that personalize, stimulate, and measure learning for each student.


A better teaching and learning experience

This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience– for you and your students. Here’s how:

  • Personalize Learning – The new MyArtsLab delivers proven results in helping students succeed, provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and comes from a trusted partner with educational expertise and a deep commitment to helping students and instructors achieve their goals.
  • Improve Critical Thinking – The author fosters critical thinking skills by integrating critical thinking based on learning objectives, and end-of-the-chapter “The Critical Process” features.
  • Engage Students – The new MyArtsLab Challenge is a fresh take on assessment offering a “game-like” atmosphere for students to master chapter material. Upon successful completion of each level, students unlock works of art to create their own personal gallery to share with their peers.
  • Support Instructors – New MyArtsLab, ClassPrep, Classroom Response System (CRS) In-Class Questions, Instructor’s Manual and Test Item File, MyTest, and sample syllabi are available.

Table of Contents

In this Section:

1. Brief Table of Contents

2. Full Table of Contents



Chapter 1  A World of Art

Chapter 2  Developing Visual Literacy

Chapter 3  Seeing the Value in Art

Chapter 4  Line

Chapter 5  Space

Chapter 6  Light and Color

Chapter 7  Other Formal Elements

Chapter 8  The Principles of Design

Chapter 9   Drawing

Chapter 10 Printmaking

Chapter 11 Painting

Chapter 12 Photography and Time-Based Media

Chapter 13 Sculpture

Chapter 14 The Crafts as Fine Art

Chapter 15 Architecture

Chapter 16 The Design Profession

Chapter 17 The Ancient World

Chapter 18 The Age of Faith

Chapter 19 The Renaissance through the Baroque

Chapter 20 The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Chapter 21 From 1900 to the Present




Part 1 The Visual World


Chapter 1 A World Of Art

The World As Artists See It

Works In Progress: The Creative Process And

Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles D’Avignon

The World As We Perceive It

The Critical Process: Thinking About Making And Seeing


Chapter 2 Developing Visual Literacy

Words And Images

Works In Progress: Lorna Simpson’s The Park

Describing The World

The Critical Process: Thinking About Visual Conventions


Chapter 3 Seeing The Value In Art

Art And Its Reception

Art, Politics, And Public Space

Works In Progress: Guillermo Gómez-Peña’s Temple Of Confessions

The Critical Process: Thinking About The Value Of Art


Part 2 The Formal Elements And Their Design


Chapter 4 Line

Varieties Of Line

Qualities Of Line

Works In Progress: Vincent Van Gogh’s The Sower

Works In Progress: Hung Liu’s Three Fujins

The Critical Process: Thinking About Line


Chapter 5 Space

Shape And Two-Dimensional Space

Three-Dimensional Space

Representing Three-Dimensional Space

Modern Experiments And New Dimensions

The Critical Process: Thinking About Space


Chapter 6 Light And Color


Works In Progress: Mary Cassatt’S In The Loge


Works In Progress: Chuck Close’s Stanley

The Critical Process: Thinking About Light And Color



Chapter 7 Other Formal Elements



Time And Motion

Works In Progress: Jackson Pollock’s No. 29, 1950

The Critical Process: Thinking About The Formal Elements


Chapter 8 The Principles Of Design


Emphasis And Focal Point

Works In Progress: Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas

Scale And Proportion

Works In Progress: Judith F. Baca’s La Memoria De Nuestra Tierra

Repetition And Rhythm

Unity And Variety

The Critical Process: Thinking About The Principles Of Design


Part 3 The Fine Arts Media


Chapter 9 Drawing

From Preparatory Sketch To Work Of Art

Works In Progress: Raphael’s Alba Madonna

Drawing Materials

Works In Progress: Beverly Buchanan’s Shackworks

The Critical Process: Thinking About Drawing


Chapter 10 Printmaking

Relief Processes

Works In Progress: Utamaro’s Studio

Intaglio Processes

Works In Progress: Albrecht Dürer’s Adam And Eve


Works In Progress: June Wayne’s Knockout

Silkscreen Printing


The Critical Process: Thinking About Printmaking


Chapter 11 Painting




Works In Progress: Michelangelo’s Libyan Sibyl

Oil Painting

Works In Progress: Milton Resnick’s U + Me



Synthetic Media

Mixed Media

Works In Progress: Hannah Höch’s Cut With The Kitchen Knife

The Critical Process: Thinking About Painting


Chapter 12 Photography And Time-Based Media


Works In Progress: Jerry Uelsmann’s Untitled



Works In Progress: Bill Viola’s The Greeting

Computer- And Internet-Based Art Media

The Critical Process: Thinking About The Camera Arts


Chapter 13 Sculpture


Works In Progress: Jim Sardonis’ Reverence






Performance Art As Living Sculpture

Works In Progress: Goat Island’s How Dear To Me

The Hour When Daylight Dies

The Critical Process: Thinking About Sculpture


Chapter 14 The Crafts As Fine Art


Works In Progress: Peter Voulkos’s X-Neck



Works In Progress: Fred Wilson’s Mining The Museum



The Critical Process: Thinking About The Crafts As Fine Art


Chapter 15 Architecture



Works In Progress: Frank Lloyd Wright’S Fallingwater

Works In Progress: Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

“Green” Architecture

Community Life

Works In Progress: Mierle Laderman Ukeles’

Fresh Kills Landfill Project

The Critical Process: Thinking About Architecture


Chapter 16 The Design Profession

The Arts And Crafts Movement

Art Nouveau

Art Deco

The Avant-Gardes

The Bauhaus


The Forties And Fifties

Postmodern Design

Work In Progress: April Greiman And Design Technology

The Critical Process: Thinking About Design


Part 4 Placing The Arts In Historical Context


Chapter 17 The Ancient World

The Earliest Art

Mesopotamian Cultures

Egyptian Civilization

River Valley Societies Of India And China

Complex Societies In The Americas

Aegean Civilizations

Greek Art

Roman Art

Developments In Asia


Chapter 18 The Age Of Faith

Early Christian And Byzantine Art

The Rise Of Islam

Christian Art In Northern Europe

Romanesque Art

Gothic Art

Developments In Asia

The Cultures Of Africa


Chapter 19 The Renaissance

Through The Baroque

The Early Renaissance

The High Renaissance

Art In China And Japan

Art In Mexico And South America

African Art Of The Encounter

The Mannerist Style In Europe

The Baroque


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