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Write Stuff, The: Thinking Through Paragraphs

By Marcie Sims

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 20, 2011


The Write Stuff: Thinking Through Paragraphs is an all-in-one writing text designed for developmental and pre-college level composition courses. The Write Stuff provides all the basic information students need to develop their paragraph and short essay writing skills--- including the information and practice they need for doing so using correct grammar and an appropriate style--- and to build their analytical reading skills.

Table of Contents

To the Instructor   

Preface to the Student   

PART I  Critical Thinking  

Chapter 1        Critical Thinking in Writing and Reading

Chapter 2        Critical Thinking and Reading Techniques  

PART II  Writing Expository Paragraphs AND ESSAYS

Chapter 3        Paragraphs:Building Blocks, Order, Unity, and Coherence

Chapter 4        Paragraphs: Planning and Process

Chapter 5        Essays: Building Blocks and Process                           

PART III  Writing and Critical Thinking in the Modes 

Chapter 6        NarrationParagraph

Chapter 7        Description  

Chapter 8        Process                         

Chapter 9        Classification  

Chapter 10      Definition 

Chapter 11      Example and Illustration  

Chapter 12      Cause and Effect  

Chapter 13      Comparison and Contrast  

Chapter 14      Argument and Persuasion  

Chapter 15      Short Answer Exams and Timed Paragraphs


Chapter 16      Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation  

Chapter 17      Researching and DocumentingSources  

Chapter 18      Thinking and Writing About Reading  

PART V  Sentence Constructions and Common Sentence Errors  

Chapter 19      Sentence Parts  

Chapter 20      Sentence Variety  

Chapter 21      Correcting Major Sentence Errors  

Chapter 22      Common Shift and Construction Errors  

PART VI  Handbook of Grammar, Mechanics, and Style  

Chapter 23      Commas, Semicolons, and Colons  

Chapter 24      End Punctuation, Apostrophes, Quotation Marks, and Other Punctuation  

Chapter 25      Spelling and Mechanics  

Chapter 26      Tone, Style, Word Choice, and Usage  

Chapter 27      Vocabulary in Context  

Chapter 28      Grammar Practice for Non-Native Speakers  



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