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Writing Effective Lesson Plans: The 5-Star Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Peter Serdyukov, Mark Ryan

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 3, 2007

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<>Combining concise theoretical explanations with practical, hands-on activities, Writing Effective Lesson Plans: A 5-Star Approach is a foolproof teacher’s guide to designing and developing successful lesson plans.


Developed by two educators with experience in both elementary and secondary classrooms, the 5-Star approach to lesson planning is a step-by-step procedure designed to streamline the detailed process of lesson planning and make teaching performance smoother and more efficient. Coined as the Five-Star Lesson Plan by the authors, this model consists of five classic components: lesson description, goals and objectives, materials and tools, procedures, and reflective assessment and evaluation.


From the basic components of preparation to the intricacies of development, this workbook guides beginning and experienced teachers through each of the five steps for creating a lesson plan that best meets the needs of every student.  It also explores the inherent challenges to effective lesson planning, such as time efficiency, knowledge construction, skill development, involving the students’ families, and implementing your plan. This text is a one-stop resource that encourages deep and thoughtful learning of a skill that is often not sufficiently developed in teacher preparation programs or in classroom experiences.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Structure and Stages of Development

Coming to terms on defining and designing a plan

So, what is a lesson plan?

Stages of Lesson Plan Development



                Implementation of Instructional Methodologies


Lesson Plans Designs

Structuring a Lesson Plan

A Generic Lesson Plan

Putting all together

What is in the lesson plan?

Sequencing Lesson Components

                From Whole to Part

                From Part to Whole

Chapter 2:   Lesson description

An Overview of the 5-Star Lesson Plan

                1. Description

                2. Goals and Objectives

                3. Materials and Tools

                4. Procedure

                5. Reflective Assessment and Evaluation

Coming to Terms over Description





Your Turn: Practice Sheets

Chapter 3:  Goals and objectives

Overview of Goals and Objectives

Coming to Terms over Goals and Objectives

Prior Knowledge



TANGIBLE Objectives










Basic Vocabulary

Your Turn: Practice Sheets


Chapter 4:  Materials and tools

Overview of Materials and Tools

Coming to Terms over Materials and Tools

Educational Technology Applications in the Lesson

                Word processor  



                Web browser



Handouts, Realia, and Manipulatives

Designing an Elementary Classroom

Designing a Secondary Classroom

Your Turn: Practice Sheets

Chapter 5:  Procedure

Overview of Procedure

Coming to Terms over Procedure

Types of procedures

New Material Module and Its Implementation

Homework Checking Module and Its Implementation

Coming to Terms over Strategies and Activities


                Introduction Activities

                New Material Presentation

                Student Activities

Various Strategies


                Information Search






                Solving Life’s Problems



Activities and Practice


Homework/Extension and Community-based Activities

An Iterative Instructional Model

Final Thoughts and Terms

To Sum Up

Your Turn: Practice Sheets

Chapter 6: Reflective Assessment and Evaluation

Overview of Reflective Assessment and Evaluation

Coming to Terms over Assessment and Evaluation


Student-Teacher-Parent Conference

Learning Assessment and Revision


Authentic Assessment and Evaluation and Metacognition

Your Turn: Practice Sheets

Chapter 7:  Time Efficiency in Teaching and Learning

Coming to Terms over Time

Research of the Effects of Time

Timing Lesson Activities

Coming to Terms over Time Management and Lesson Variables

Time for Self-Directed Learning

Time Logs

Teaching Time

Time in an Asynchronous Environment

Chapter 8:  Knowledge Construction and Skill Development

Coming to Terms over Organizing, Structuring and Modeling in Education

Organizing, Structuring and Modeling in Education

Other Approaches to Lesson Planning

Chapter 9: Course and Lesson: Strategic and Tactical Planning

Coming to terms over a lesson position in the course

An Algorithm of a Lesson Plan

Chapter 10:  Implementing the Plan

Appreciating Students' Diversity

State Standards and District Benchmarks

The Principle of Balance in a Lesson Plan

Lesson Execution

Affective Component

Lesson Assessment and Revision

Teacher's Lesson Collection

Your Turn — Practice Sheets

Chapter 11:  Extending the Lesson Plan to Home

The First and Most Important Teachers

Academics in Action

An Approach to Homework

Chapter 12:  Teacher professional competence

Coming to Terms over Professional Competence

Five Fundamental Competencies

Methodological Concerns



A: Lesson Plan Development Guidelines for Students’ Course Project

B: Lesson Plan Development Assignments for Teacher Candidates

C: Practice: Analyzing Lesson Plans

D: Sample Lesson Plans

E: 5-Star Lesson Plan Worksheet



Suggested Readings


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