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Writing in Political Science: A Practical Guide, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Diane E. Schmidt

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 3, 2009

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A complete resource for writing an effective paper, Diane Schmidt’s latest edition of Writing in Political Science gives students a practical guide for writing and arguing about political events, ideas, passions and agendas.  A collection of actual student essays shows you how to write your way to a better grade.  After reading Writing in Political Science students will know how to:

  • Choose and narrow a research topic
  • Formulate a research agenda
  • Quickly locate reputable information online
  • Execute a study and write about your findings
  • Use the vocabulary of political science discourse
  • Follow the criteria used to evaluate student assignments when writing
  • Apply your writing skills to an internship, civic engagement project, or work-study program
  • Manage and preserve achievements for career development


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Political Inquiry


Chapter 2. Critical Thinking about Politics


Chapter 3. Topic Selection


Chapter 4. Locating Research Materials Using Indexes, Databases, and the Internet


Chapter 5. Creating Evidence with Primary and Secondary Data


Chapter 6. Properties of Essays and Research Papers


Chapter 7. Common Writing Problems


Chapter 8. Manuscript Format and Referencing Styles


Chapter 9. Format and Examples for Activities to Enhance Comprehension and Synthesis of Class Materials


Chapter 10. Format and Examples of Assignments for Managing and Processing Information


Chapter 11. Format and Examples of Conventional Research Papers


Chapter 12. Format and Examples of Assignments Requiring Special Techniques

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