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Writing Places, 2nd Edition

By Paula Mathieu, Tim Lindgren, George Grattan, Staci Shultz

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 6, 2012

Table of Contents


      For Instructors 

      For Students

Chapter 1. Where Are We From?                                                                                                       


            “Mom and the Kitchen” by Kimberly Wheaton

            “A History in Concrete” by Blaine Harden

            “On Being from Fargo” by Tim Lindgren

            “The Ship-Shape” by David Sedaris

            “The Coffee Shop” by Andrea Casassa

            “Say yah to da U.P., eh?” by Kathryn Carey

            “Where I’m From” by Felicia Madlock

            “The Most Radical Thing You Can Do” by Rebecca Solnit

Chapter 2. Where Are We?                                                                                                                 


            “Where I'm Writing From” by Derek Owens

            “By Dawn's Early Light” by Ron Fletcher

            “A Nation Divided” by Rose Arrieta

            “King's Chapel and Burying Ground” by Robin Dunn

            “Silence of the Lambswool Cardigans” by Rebecca Solnit

            “Robotic Iguanas” by Julia Corbett

            “The Effects of Fast Food Restaurants on the Caribbean People” by Alayne Brown

            “Refugees Find Hostility and Hope on Soccer Field” by Warren St. John

Chapter 3. Where Are We Going?                                                                               


            “Elm City” by Kevin Savage

            “My Fake Job” by Rodney Rothman

            “Borderland/Borderama/Detroit” by Jerry Herron

            “Scientific Applications” by Sonny Fabbri

            “On the Range” by Eric Schlosser

            “Apocalypse” by Junot Diaz

            “How Urban Planning Can Improve Public Health” by Jonathan Lerner

            “An Examination of Living Through Enjoyment: Live-Action Role-Play” by  Amanda Odum

            “Social Movements in the Age of Social Media: Participatory Politics in Egypt” by S. Craig Watkins

        “The Flavor of Hope” by Chiori Santiago



Chapter 4. Tools for Getting Places                                                                                          


Getting Oriented


                        Taking Notes as You Observe

                        Responding to Classmates’ Essays on Place or Culture

Tools for Exploring

                        Mobile Apps

Networked Scavenger Hunts

                        Bioregional Quizzes

Local Knowledge

Local Organizations

Neighborhood Writing Groups

Hyperlocal News and Blogging

Citizen Science

Maps and Geographic Data


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