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Writing Process, The, CourseSmart eTextbook, 11th Edition

By John M. Lannon

Published by Longman

Published Date: Nov 21, 2011

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An accessible, practical, and pedagogically rich modes-based rhetoric/reader/handbook presenting the writing process as a series of critical thinking decisions about audience and purpose.   


Widely admired for its clear, readable style, The Writing Process is a concise guide that combines accessible coverage of the writing process, complete discussions and models of the rhetorical modes, a multi-chapter section on the research process, a brief handbook, and a section focusing on special issues in writing (writing at work and writing essay exams). Focusing on writing as decision-making, the text offers practice in analyzing the unique rhetorical demands of each writing situation by showing how considerations of audience and purpose influence writing. A wealth of student samples in various draft stages and a wide variety of professional readings illustrate the writing strategies. 

Table of Contents



Section One      The Process–Decisions In Planning, Drafting, and Revising 

Chapter 1                Decisions in the Writing Process   

Chapter 2                Decisions in Planning        

Chapter 3                Decisions in Drafting        

Chapter 4                Decisions in Revising        


Section Two     Specific Revision Strategies      

Chapter 5                Revising the Content: Writing Something Worthwhile          

Chapter 6                Revising the Paragraphs: Shaping for Readers’ Access      

Chapter 7                Revising the Sentences: Writing with Style      

Chapter 8                Revising the Words and Phrases: Fine-Tuning        


Section Three Essays for Various Goals           

Chapter 9                Reading and Responding to Writing           

Chapter 10              Description: Writing to Help Others See     

Chapter 11              Narration: Writing to Help Others Share an Experience      

Chapter 12              Illustration: Writing to Provide Examples    

Chapter 13              Division and Classification: Writing to Explain Parts and Categories

Chapter 14              Process Analysis: Writing to Explain Steps and Stages        

Chapter 15              Causal Analysis: Writing to Explain Why Something Happened or What Will


Chapter 16              Comparison and Contrast: Writing to Explain Similarities or Differences       

Chapter 17              Definition: Writing to Explain to Exact Meaning      

Chapter 18              Argument: Writing to Persuade Your Readers        

Chapter 19              Special Issues in Persuasion          


Section Four   The Research Process    

Chapter 20              Thinking Critically about the Research Process      

Chapter 21              Asking Questions and Finding Answers     

Chapter 22              Evaluating and Interpreting Your Findings        

Chapter 23              Avoiding Plagiarism, Documenting Your Sources, and Respecting Copyright

Chapter 24              Composing the Research Report with a Sample Report in APA Style          

Chapter 25              Case Study: A Sample Research Project in MLA Style       


Section Five     Special Issues In Writing          

Chapter 26              Writing at Work        

Chapter 27              Taking Short-Answer, Paragraph, and Essay Exams           


Section Six        A Brief Handbook         

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