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Writing & Speaking at Work, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Ed Bailey

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jun 29, 2010

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For undergraduate and graduate courses in Business Communication.


Concise but thorough, this popular business communication text is packed with practical advice to help students improve their writing and speaking skills.


Shorter than most other business communications texts, Writing & Speaking at Work draws from the author’s years of experience as a college instructor and consultant in business and government. It delivers practical insight and instruction that will equip students with the tools to be effective communicators no matter where their careers may take them. Instead of detailing the various communications theories, it focuses on the two critical communication needs of business people: writing and speaking.


Table of Contents

Part I: Writing
Chapter 1: What is Good Writing?  
Chapter 2: Developing a Good Style  
Chapter 3: Using Examples and Comparisons  
Chapter 4: Making Your Page Look Inviting  
Chapter 5: Making Your Main Point Easy to Find
Chapter 6: Preparing Executive Summaries
Chapter 7: Illustrating Your Ideas  
Chapter 8: Getting Beyond Periods and Commas  
Chapter 9: Learning Common Sense Rules  
Chapter 10: Making the Most of Email  
Chapter 11: Writing for the Web  
Chapter 12: Preparing a Résumé and Cover Letter  
Chapter 13: Documenting Your Sources  

Part II: Speaking  

Chapter 14: What is Business Speaking?  
Chapter 15: Using Good Techniques of Delivery  
Chapter 16: Developing a Clear Structure  
Chapter 17: Designing Visual Aids  
Chapter 18: Giving a Presentation Using a Computer  
Chapter 19: Rehearsing, Setting Up the Room, and Overcoming Nervousness  
Chapter 20: Preparing an Annotated Presentation  
Appendix A: Final Project: Learning Computer Techniques  
Appendix B: Final Project: Creating Reports
Appendix C: Commonly Confused Words  

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