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Your Attitude is Showing, CourseSmart eTextbook, 12th Edition

By Sharon Lund O'Neil, Elwood N. Chapman

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 15, 2008

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For courses in Human Relations, Supervisory Practices, principles of management, Communications, and Career and Self-Explorations.


We have often heard attitude is everything. For more than three decades, readers have relied on Your Attitude is Showing to help improve their own attitude and enhance their interpersonal relationships. Because it is one of the most highly regarded primers in the field of business human relations, it has been printed in four languages and distributed to over one million people. It is filled with advice, cases, and experiential activities and is flexible in format and design. Continuing the tradition, this edition includes enhanced cases, new writing exercises and end-of-chapter summary activities all designed to train readers how to think in more positive and more productive ways.

Table of Contents


1.      You Can’t Escape Human Relations

        Case 1: Reality

2.      Human Relations Can Make or Break You

        Case 2: Adjustment

3.      Hold On to Your Positive Attitude

        Case 3: Credit Blues

4.      When People Step on Your Attitude

        Case 4: Bounce Back



5.   Vertical and Horizontal Working Relationships

        Case 5: Decision

6.   Your Potential and Productivity–A Closer Look

        Case 6: Message

7.      The Winning Combination

        Case 7: Insight

8.      Your Most Important Working Relationship

        Case 8: Choice

9.      Understanding the Nature of Relationships

        Case 9: Currency



10.  Your Success as a Team Player

        Case 10: Controversy

11.  Emotional Intelligence: Managing Stress, Frustration, and Aggression

        Case 11: Frustration

12.  Restoring Injured Relationships

        Case 12: Restoration

13.  Attitudes Among Culturally Diverse Co-Workers

        Case 13: Communication


PART IV: Building Your Career

14.  Succeeding in a New Job or Assignment

        Case 14: Nonprofessional

15.  Initiation Rites–Coping with Teasing and Testing

        Case 15: Confrontation

16.  Absenteeism and Human Relations

        Case 16: Balance

17.  Avoiding Six Common Human-Relations Mistakes

        Case 17: Motivation

18.  Business Ethics, Rumors, and the Confidence Triangle

        Case 18: Dilemma



19.  Goal Setting and Your Attitude

        Case 19: Conflict

20.  Strategies for Advancing Your Career

        Case 20: Preference

21.  Keeping a Positive Attitude Through Plateau Periods and Reorganizations

        Case 21: Change

22.  When You Are Tempted to Scramble

        Case 22: Interview

23.  Attitude Renewal

        Case 23: Focus

24.  Leadership/Management: Your Career on the Move

        Case 24: Sensitivity

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