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Your Next Role: How to get ahead and get promoted

By Niamh O'Keeffe

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jun 20, 2016


Are you stuck in a rut, not promoted for 3 or more years, former peers leaping ahead? Do you have feelings of being stuck in the middle? Are you doing all the hard work but getting none of the reward? Wondering what everyone else seems to know that you don’t know?


Get PromotedTM Formula

Niamh O’Keeffe has advised managers and directors of global corporations on how to get promoted to the next level. Whether it was fast-tracking an internal promotion, or ideas on how to craft a new role to secure a promotion, Niamh realised that there was an underlying formula to her approach that she could distil and share to benefit all.


Your Next Role will cover:

1. Pro-activity: how to put yourself forward for the role

2. Politics: how to navigate politics and work out how decisions are really made

3. People: how to get the decision-makers on side

4. Personal Impact: how to grow in confidence and personal power

5. Performance: how to deliver great results and get the attention of others


Including sample client testimonials, Your Next Role will give you a step-by-step approach on how to carry out the formula that Niamh has used to get her clients into a new leadership role.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 - Commit

1. Get ready to do the work

2. Consider why you are not already promoted

3. How not to get promoted: Top 10 mistakes

4. Commit to a new beginning


Chapter 2 - Your Promotion Formula

1. Get-Promoted Framework

2. Case examples: application of the framework

3. Apply the framework to your current situation


Chapter 3 - Purpose: Why Do You Want the Promotion?

1. Set out a vision for your career

2. Promotion is about a path to leadership

3. Your key task: develop your career game plan


 Chapter 4: emPower Yourself: Take Charge of Your Career

1. Take back control

2. Create, don’t wait

3. Your key task: make list of empowering strategies


Chapter 5 - Personal Impact: Be Confident about Your Ability to Step Up

1. Appreciate your experience

2. Tame your inner critic

3. Your key task: develop your value proposition for promotion


Chapter 6 - Politics: Stack the Odds In Your Favour

1. Learn how to read the organisation  

2. Build influence and leverage

3. Your key task: understand the politics of your promotion


Chapter 7 - People: Figure Out Who Makes the Decision

1. Identify the decision-makers and the influencers

2. Launch your campaign

3. Your key task: map your critical stakeholders


Chapter 8 - Performance: Deliver Great Results to Get Attention

1. Establish an impressive platform of results

2. Identify the next big wave

3. Your key task: shape your new ideas


Chapter 9 - Pro-Activity: Put Yourself Forward for the Role

1. When and how to ask for promotion

2. Prepare your pitch

3. Your key task: write up your role vision and anticipated priorities


Chapter 10: Close the Deal

1. Execute your get-promoted plan

2. Be ready to negotiate: a promotion without a pay rise is not a promotion

3. The risks and benefits of leaving to join a new company

4. You got the promotion... now what?! The importance of your first 100 days


Final Words


Your Next Role: How to get ahead and get promoted

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