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Your Office: Getting Started with Business Communications, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Dorothy L.R. Jones, Amy S. Kinser

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: May 22, 2013

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For introductory computer courses on Microsoft Office 2010 or courses in computer concepts with a lab component for Microsoft Office 2010 applications.


Your Office is the Office Applications textbook written for instructors who want more than a ‘skill & drill’ book that enables students to learn discreet tasks but fails to illustrate the big picture of how these skills work together.¿ Your Office bridges the gap between skill and application, and empowers students to master Office 2010 as a tool to solve problems and make decisions.

The cases progress students from learning the skills in each Office Application to using the applications as tools to make business decisions.

The unique modular structure provides a strong foundation for students through practice in each workshop and then synthesizes the objectives covered over two workshops, challenging students to really retain what they learned as opposed to learning and then forgetting soon after.


The series scenario introduces a large global business (the resort and spa) made up of smaller businesses (golf pro shop, spa, restaurants, event planning, etc) featured in the cases that run throughout all four applications.¿ This approach gives students a solid understanding of how an organization works by exposing them to how individuals in all facets of a business interact with tools like Microsoft Office and use information to make decisions.

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**This is a one-chapter supplement.**

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Module 1

Workshop 1: Developing Foundations of Effective Business Communication

PREPARE CASE: Conference Center Internship: Publications

Understand the Communication Process

A Communication Process Model

Common Communication Barriers

Prepare Effective Written Messages




Ethical Considerations

Develop Effective Oral Communication Skills

Business Presentations and Speeches

Telephone and Voice Mail

Informal and Formal Discussions

Effective Listening

Voice Recognition Technology

Identify How Digital Communication Is Transforming the Workplace


Electronic Presentations

Text, Picture, and Video Messaging

Blogs and Wikis

Virtual Meetings

Social Networking Sites

Cloud Computing

Apply Techniques for Designing and Delivering Effective Messages

Analyze the Audience

Abstract versus Concrete Words

Passive and Active Voice

Direct versus Indirect Approach

Neutral and Unbiased Language

Negative and Positive Language

Revise, Edit, and Proofread

Format and Design Visually Appealing Documents

Tables and Graphs

Graphical Elements

Electronic Presentations

Apply Strategies for Writing Positive News and Neutral Messages

Positive and Neutral Messages

Implement Strategies for Writing Negative News Messages

Apply Strategies for Writing Persuasive Messages

Concepts Check

Key Terms

Visual Summary

Practice 1

Practice 2

Practice 3

Problem Solve 1

Problem Solve 2

Perform 1: Perform in Your Life


Workshop 2: Applying Employment Search Strategies

PREPARE CASE: Painted Paradise Golf Resort and Spa Management Development Program Application

Project a Professional Image

Research Employment Opportunities

Write an Effective Letter of Application

Create a Professional Resume

Electronic Scanning Systems

Resume Formats

Determine the Importance of the Interview

Build a Professional Network

Prepare Other Employment Forms and Documents

Application Forms

Follow-Up Letters

Other Employment Forms

Understand the Different Types of Background Checks

Concept Check

Key Terms

Visual Summary

Practice 1

Practice 2

Practice 3

Practice 4

Practice 5

Problem Solve 1

Problem Solve 2

Perform 1: Perform in Your Life



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