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Your Office: Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Amy S. Kinser, Eric Schmieder

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 3, 2013


This is a one-chapter book that is designed to be packaged with an Office or Computer Concepts textbook

Make Microsoft Office, Your Office


Your Office is the Office Applications textbook written for instructors who want more than a ‘skill & drill’ book that enables students to learn discreet tasks but fails to illustrate the big picture of how these skills work together. The Your Office series teaches students the way Microsoft Office works in the real world, not just in a classroom.


With Your Office, students will learn to use Office to make decisions and solve problems in a business context. Your Office bridges the gap between skill and application, and empowers students to master Office 2013 as a tool to solve problems and make decisions.  A real-world business context prepares students to become masters of the software, using it for efficiency, effectiveness, problem-solving and decision-making.


Teaching and Learning Experience

This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. Here’s how:

  • Modular Structure Promotes Concept Retention: Provides a strong foundation for students to practice in each workshop and then synthesize the objectives covered over two workshops–effectively challenging students to really retain what they learned as opposed to learning, and then forgetting soon after.
  • Case Progression Promotes Concept Mastery: Students progress from learning the skills in each Office Application to using the applications as tools to make business decisions.
  • Realistic Series Scenario Provides Business Context: Students gain a solid understanding of how an organization works as they see how individuals in all facets of a business interact with tools like Microsoft Office and use information to make decisions.
  • Engaging Features Help Students Make Microsoft Office Their Own: Videos, Visual Summaries, and Real-World Advice boxes are among the features that help students master Office to make decisions and solve problems in a business context.

Table of Contents


WORKSHOP 1: Introduce Team Sites and Office Web Apps 3
PREPARE CASE: Managing Event Space Using Team Sites 3
Understanding Microsoft Office 365 4
Manage SharePoint Online Sites in Office 365 4
Selecting Site Templates 5
Identifying Key Features of a Team Site 10
Using Themes to Customize the Look and Feel 11
Editing Home Page Content 12
Adding a Calendar App 13
Adding a Web Part to the Home Page 14
Rearranging Web Parts on the Home Page 16
Inserting a Picture in an Empty Placeholder 16
Create and Edit Lists and Libraries 17
Creating Lists 17
Editing List Views 18
Adding Items to Lists 20
Creating Libraries 22
Define User Roles and Permissions 23
Editing Site Permissions 23
Configure Advanced Site Options 25
Using Document Templates 25
Implementing File Versions 27
Using Workflows 29
Contributing to a Team Site 29
Work with Document Libraries 29
Uploading Documents to an Existing Library 29
Using a Template to Create a New Document 30
Manage Events on a Team Site Calendar 31
Creating an Event on a Team Site Calendar 31
Creating a Recurring Event 32
Viewing Event Details and Scheduling Alerts 33
Contribute to the Team Discussion 34
Adding a Discussion Board to the Team Site 35
Adding a New Discussion to a Team Discussion Board 35
Replying to an Existing Team Discussion Board Post 35
Work with Other Collaboration Tools 36
Creating a Survey 36
Completing a Survey 38
Viewing Survey Results 39
Developing Content Using Office Web Apps 39
Create Documents Using the Word Web App 39
Creating a Document Using the Word Web App 40
Create Business Spreadsheets Using the Excel Web App 41
Create Presentations Using the PowerPoint Web App 42
Organize Information Using the OneNote Web App 42
Concept Check 43
Key Terms 43
Visual Summary 44
Practice 46
Practice Case 1 46
Problem Solve 47
Problem Solve Case 1 47
Perform 48
Perform in Your Life 48

WORKSHOP 2: Communicate with Outlook and Lync Online 49
PREPARE CASE: Communicating Effectively with Team Members 49
Managing E-Mail with the Outlook Web App 50
Compose Professional E-Mail Messages with Outlook 50
Launching the Outlook Web App 50
Getting Familiar with the Outlook Web App 51
Creating a Signature 52
Composing an E-Mail Message 53
Organize Your Incoming Messages 54
Establishing Automatic Replies 54
Organizing Incoming Mail with Folders 56
Defining Inbox Rules 57
Managing Contacts and Using the Outlook
Calendar 59
Create and Manage Contacts in Outlook 59
Creating a Contact 59
Importing Contacts 60
Working with Contact Groups 61
Create and Manage Events in the Outlook Calendar 63
Create an Additional Calendar 63
Creating an Event in the Outlook Calendar 64
Creating an Online Meeting Request in the Outlook
Calendar 65
Sharing Your Calendar 67
Conferencing with Lync 67
Install and Configure the Lync Client Application 67
Installing the Lync Client Application 68
Signing into Lync 69
Updating Presence Status 70
Adding Contacts 71
Communicate Effectively with Lync 72
Displaying a Contact Card 72
Starting a Chat Session 73
Launching a Video Call 74
Share Desktop Resources Through a Lync Session 75
Sharing a Program 75
Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation 76
Recording a Lync Call with a Whiteboard 77
Sharing Your Desktop 79
Concept Check 81
Key Terms 81
Visual Summary 81
Practice 82
Practice Case 1 82
Problem Solve 83
Problem Solve Case 1 83
Perform 84
Perform in Your Career 84

Microsoft Office 365 Module 1 CAPSTONE 85
More Practice 85
More Practice Case 1 85
More Practice Case 2 86
Problem Solve 87
Problem Solve Case 1 87
Problem Solve Case 2 88
Perform 88
Perform in Your Life 88
Perform in Your Career 89
Perform in Your Team 90

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