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Zoom! CourseSmart eTextbook: The faster way to make your business idea happen

By Ian Sanders, David Sloly

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Jul 31, 2013


Included in the Independent’s ‘Top Ten Business Start Up Books’ 2012

Short, punchy and practical, this book is packed with powerful tools, techniques and ideas that will get you ready to launch your business in just 60 days. With useful advice on everything you need to make your business happen, from marketing, to logo design, accounts, registration, e-commerce and everything else in-between.

Table of Contents



WHY LISTEN TO US: The Authors on The Authors

INTRODUCTION: Launching a business has just got quicker

1.      CREATING YOUR EUREKA MOMENT: How to catch an idea

2.      THE TROUBLE WITH TOO MUCH PLANNING: Why doing is more useful than planning

3.      GETTING TO GRIPS WITH YOUR MISSION: Why you need to understand what’s Driving You

4.      SET A GOAL:Knowing where you want to go is the first step to getting there

5.      LICENCE TO BE CURIOUS: How snooping about leads to business success

6.      SHAPING YOUR IDEA: How to box up your business for your customers

7.      IMAGINE IT! How to be a visionary

8.      THINK LIKE A SPEEDBOAT: Lessons in Agility

9.      EMBRACE BUSINESS DOING: The Power of getting stuff done

10.  SALAMI STEPS: How to make your business happen slice by slice

11.  TELLING YOUR STORY: Making your business stand out from the crowd

12.  THINK LIKE A KID: Why you should keep it simple

13.  THE POWER OF COLLABORATION: When two minds is better than one

14.  MAGIC UMBRELLA: How to deal with challenges

15.  LAUNCH IN BETA: What you can learn from a software company

16.  YOUR LAUNCH DAY: Hell Yeah

17.  CREATE A DASHBOARD: Adjusting your business for success





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Zoom! CourseSmart eTextbook: The faster way to make your business idea happen
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