Assessment Training Institute

ATI was founded in 1992 by Rick Stiggins to help classroom teachers develop skills needed to gather accurate information about student achievement and to use the assessment process and its results effectively to improve achievement. Our work is grounded in the concept of student-involved classroom assessment. We are guided by the belief that helping students see themselves as learners is central to their academic success and that assessment practices are key to developing their competence and confidence.

Through our work, it is our goal to empower educators to:

  • Translate content standards into classroom-level learning targets
  • Develop and use high-quality assessments in the classroom
  • Communicate effectively about student achievement
  • Engage in accurate standards-based grading practices
  • Use assessment as a part of instruction to maximize learning
  • Offer effective feedback that students can and will act upon
  • Make students active partners in their learning through developing skills of self-assessment and goal setting

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