Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics Series

"Math makes sense! This is the most fundamental idea that an elementary teacher of mathematics needs to believe and act on."-- John Van de Walle What makes the Van de Walle series so unique? The Van de Walle Professional Mathematics Series provides practical guidance along with proven strategies for practicing teachers in three grade bands, K-3, 3-5, 5-8. In addition to many of the popular topics and features from John Van de Walle’s market-leading textbook, Elementary and Middle School Mathematics, this series offers brand-new material specifically written for the different grade levels. The expanded grade-specific coverage and unique page design allow readers to quickly and easily locate information to implement in the classroom. Nearly 200 grade-appropriate activities are included in each volume. The student-centered, problem-based approach will help students develop real understanding and confidence in mathematics, making this series indispensable for teachers!