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Design Method, The: A Philosophy and Process for Functional Visual Communication

By Eric Karjaluoto

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Aug 13, 2013


Feeling uninspired? That shouldn’t keep you from creating great design work. Design is not about luck, inspiration, or personal expression. Design is a disciplined pursuit aimed at producing sensible, functional work for clients. In The Design Method, you’ll learn how to create quality design work on a regular basis that consistently pleases your clients using the same method that Creative Director Eric Karjaluoto uses at his creative agency, smashLAB. The Design Method will teach you a proven, repeatable process for solving visual communication problems.

In this book, you will learn:
- Ways to conduct research and gain insight into your clients’ situations
- A process for establishing strategies and plans for your projects
- How to develop a cohesive concept and visual direction for each client/job
- An iterative approach to prototype, test, refine, and produce effective design
- Techniques for presenting and documenting creative work
- Tips for making your design studio operate efficiently and consistently

Table of Contents

1. Debunking the Creative Myths 
2. Creating Purposeful Design 
3. Achieving Order Through Systems 
4. Introducing The Design Method 
5. Gaining Understanding: The Discovery Stage 
6. Determining Course: The Planning Stage 
7. Working with Ideas: The Creative Stage 
8. Making Design Real: The Application Stage 
9. Presenting Work to Clients 
10. Bringing Order to Your Practice