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Essentials of A&P for Emergency Care

By Bryan E. Bledsoe, Bruce J. Colbert, Jeff E. Ankney

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Nov 24, 2010


Appropriate for EMS / EMT (Intermediate) and Paramedic courses.


Essentials of A&P for Emergency Care: An Interactive Journey, along with the accompanying website, is written in a manner that will enhance learning of the material versus mass memorization of facts.  Study skills and stress management tips in a Success Companion on the websiteto help readers along their journey through this course and beyond. The authors have strived to make anatomy and physiology "come alive" by using an engaging writing style to make it seem as if they are sitting next to students talking about the concepts.  Humor, where appropriate, and analogies to compare the human body to everyday things to which learners can relate have been interwoven throughout the text. Finally, special features have been added in a unique fashion tailored to the visual learning styles and relevant learning that today’s students require.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology: Learning the Language

Chapter 2    The Human Body: Reading the Map

Chapter 3    Biochemistry: The Basic Ingredients of Life

Chapter 4    The Cells: The Raw Materials and Building Blocks

Chapter 5    Tissues and Systems: The Inside Story

Chapter 6    The Skeletal System: The Framework 

Chapter 7    The Muscular System: Movement for the Journey

Chapter 8    The Integumentary System: The Protective Covering

Chapter 9    The Nervous System (Part I): The Information Super Highway

Chapter 10    The Nervous System (Part II): The Traffic Control Center

Chapter 11    The Senses: The Sights and Sounds 

Chapter 12    The Endocrine System: The Body’s Other Control System

Chapter 13    The Cardiovascular System: Transport and Supply

Chapter 14    The Respiratory System: It’s a Gas

Chapter 15    The Lymphatic and Immune Systems: Your Defense Systems

Chapter 16    The Gastrointestinal System: Fuel for the Trip

Chapter 17    The Urinary System: Filtration and Fluid Balance

Chapter 18    The Reproductive System: Replacement and Repair

Chapter 19    The Journey’s End: Now What?

Appendix   Answers to Test Your Knowledge


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