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First-Generation College Experience, The

By Amy Baldwin

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 9, 2011


The First Generation Experience is the only college success book written specifically to serve first generation students. It is for students who need a little extra attention and support to have a firm footing in the academic world.


It is about helping those students who have felt disenfranchised, disengaged, and disappointed by the educational system to empower themselves with the knowledge and the skills necessary to imagine and realize and new future. It is also a book about change, specifically transformation. The word itself has multiple meanings in different academic disciplines, but the idea of transformation most closely applies to the intentional process by which we help students change as individuals, as scholars, and as citizens of their communities.

Table of Contents

Preface to First Success

Introduction to Faculty

Introduction to Students

Finances First


Part I: Moving In

Chapter 1: You First

Chapter 2: Your College
Chapter 3: Relationships
Chapter 4: Time and Energy


Part II: Moving Through

Chapter 5: Learning, Thinking, and Memory

Chapter 6: Reading

Chapter 7: Listening and Note-taking

Chapter 8: Writing, Researching, and Presenting
Chapter 9: Studying and Tests
Part III: Moving On

Chapter 10: Stress and Health

Chapter 11: Next Semester
Chapter 12: A Career and a Life

Appendix A: VARK Inventory



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