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How Your Child Thinks: Give Your Child the Superpowers to Be a Happy, Healthy Person: Give Your Child the Superpowers to Be a Happy, Healthy Person

By Stephen Briers

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Feb 13, 2009


In an age where more children are struggling than ever before, how can you raise happy, healthy, fulfilled children... young people who can handle pressure and become successful, independent adults? The secret: give them the skills, tactics, and strategies they need to manage their own lives. In this book, one of the world's most respected child psychologists shows how to do just that, one day, one minute at a time. Dr. Stephen Briers teaches powerful, proactive parenting techniques that don't simply respond to bad behavior, but help keep it from happening in the first place. Drawing on compelling new research on positive psychology, Dr. Briers shows how to cultivate the specific habits of thought that nurture resilience and help "inoculate" against depressive illness; promote happiness and well-being; cultivate personal competence and social confidence; boost your child's problem-solving skills. You'll learn why so many of today's conventional parenting techniques cause more problems than they solve; when to use "carrot and stick" discipline, and when there's a better alternative; why your child is smarter and more capable than you realize and how you can help your child reach his or her fullest potential!

Table of Contents

About the Author  xiv

Introduction  1


Chapter 1       X-ray Vision: What’s Going on Inside?  17

Chapter 2       Developing Super-Senses: The ABC of Feelings  31

Chapter 3       Mind Control for Beginners: The Foundations of Self-Control  67

Chapter 4       Becoming Indestructible: Nurturing Resilience in Young People  99

Chapter 5       Wrestling with Monsters: Overcoming Stress and Anxiety  125

Chapter 6       People Powers: Cultivating Social Confidence  173

Chapter 7       Unstoppable: Boosting Your Child’s Problem-Solving Skills  207


References  237

Index  245