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Interactive Vocabulary, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Amy E. Olsen

Published by Longman

Published Date: Jan 26, 2012

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Interactive Vocabulary supplements a reading text at the lowest level and develops vocabulary for general subjects through thematic readings, interactive exercises, and self-tests.


Intended for students reading at the introductory grade reading level, the fourth edition of Interactive Vocabulary offers engaging readings on high-interest topics and keeps students interested while showing them how vocabulary is used in the context of a reading passage. The text encourages students to look for context clues to help them figure out the meaning of a word. An optional Web site with pronunciation offers additional exercises. Recognizing that today's students are residents of a visual culture, the fifth edition's new "Word Visions" feature calls on students to apply their vocabulary skills in image-oriented contexts.

Table of Contents


To the Student        

Learning Objectives         

Getting Started       

Parts of Speech   

Using the Dictionary 

Completing Analogies    

Benefits of Flash Cards and Word Maps          

Context Clue Mini-Lessons       

Part I Education

Vocabulary Growth: The Joy of Words     

Resources: Using a College Wisely            

Time: Planning Matters        

Word Parts I    

Review: Focus on Chapters 1–4      

Part II The Unusual

Odd Places: Journey Beyond the Ordinary        

Amazing Animals: Special Abilities           

Peculiar Events: People Really Do This   

Word Parts II   

10 Review: Focus on Chapters 6–9      

Part III Relationships

11  Your Life: What Do You Want?      

12  Friendship: Who Is Out There?   

13  Romance: How Do You Know?    

14  Word Parts III           

15  Review: Focus on Chapters 11–14      

Part IV Health

16 Fitness: A Healthy Body       

17 Personal Finance: A Healthy Wallet        

18 The World: A Healthy Environment

19 Review: Focus on Chapters 16–18           

Part V Careers

20 Science: The Scientific Mind 

21 The Arts: Creative Places   

22 Politics: Women in Office    

23 Review: Focus on Chapters 20–22



Create Your Own Flash Cards    

Make Your Own Word Maps    

Pronunciation Key: Inside Front Cover

Word List: Inside Back Cover

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