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Literacy Development in the Early Years: Helping Children Read and Write, 7th Edition

By Lesley Mandel Morrow

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 19, 2011


Literacy Development in the Early Years, by renowned author Lesley Mandel Morrow,is an integrated approach to language arts that gives pre-service and in-service teachers a wealth of valuable information for making children active participants in the process of literacy development. The many ideas are presented through both theoretical and research-based rationales, plus extensive practical applications–teacher and child dialogues; vignettes; lessons; and model interactions between teachers, children, and parents. A comprehensive, balanced approach to literacy teaching and learning, the book provides a wealth of information on how children learn, coupled with the literacy skills and strategies teachers need to make it all happen.

Table of Contents









Chapter 1 Foundations of Early Literacy Development: Surveying the Past to the Present


Chapter 2 Assessment in Early Literacy: A Guide for Designing Instruction


Chapter 3 Literacy and Diversity: Meeting Needs of Children with Special Concerns


Chapter 4 Language and Vocabulary Development


Chapter 5 Strategies to Figure Out Words: Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics


Chapter 6 Developing Comprehension of Text and Concepts about Books


Chapter 7 Writing, Spelling, and Literacy Development


Chapter 8 Motivating Reading and Writing Using Old and New Literacies


Chapter 9 Organizing and Managing the Literacy Program


Chapter 10 Family Literacy Partnerships: Home and School Working Together




APPENDIX A Children’s Literature


APPENDIX B Integrated Language Arts Thematic Unit: Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds


APPENDIX C Quality Television Programs with Associated Children’s Books


APPENDIX D Technology Resources


APPENDIX E Professional Associations and Related Journals Dealing with Early Literacy


APPENDIX F Suggestions for Instructors




Children’s Literature Bibliography





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