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Making Sustainability Stick: The Blueprint for Successful Implementation, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Kevin Wilhelm

Published by Pearson FT Press

Published Date: Sep 12, 2013


What do you mean when you say “Sustainability?” This question is all too often raised because what one person thinks will very different from another. The first step in any sustainability plan is to first define sustainability – what it means to your company, settle on a common definition, and put it into language that all employees and stakeholders can both understand and get behind.


Making Sustainability Stick is tailored for those that are starting out in this process or have seen their efforts stall in realizing the business benefits of sustainability. This book provides the blueprint for implementation, breaking down barriers, and the steps required to integrate sustainability successfully.


It is laid out in easily digestible chapters, with action steps backed up from interviews with sustainability thought leaders, case studies, and the real life experience of the author who has consulted with over 75 organizations on sustainability.


This is the perfect book for those who are in the trenches or are just about to embark on their sustainability journey.

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
How to Use This Book     5
Chapter 1: The Business Case     9
Chapter 2: Defining Sustainability     45
Chapter 3: Understanding Your Stakeholders and What Is Material to Them     53
Chapter 4: Baselining Sustainability to Measure What Matters     75
Chapter 5: Goals/Vision and Your Sustainability North Star     103
Chapter 6: Management Support Is Essential     129
Chapter 7: Understanding Change Management to Guide Implementation     141
Chapter 8: Engaging Employees Around Sustainability     177
Chapter 9: Systems, Decision Making, and Internal Alignment     201
Chapter 10: Institutionalizing Sustainability     227
Chapter 11: Communicating Sustainability Internally     245
Individuals Interviewed for This Book     265
Citations and Endnotes     267
Index     279

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