Marriages, Families, and Intimate Relationships, Books a la Carte Edition, 3rd Edition

By Brian K. Williams, Stacey C. Sawyer, Carl M. Wahlstrom

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 13, 2012


A student-centered and practical approach to learning


This book provides timely, practical, and high-interest information about marriages, families, and intimate relationships, in an engaging format that is easy to use and learn from.


Marriages, Families, & Intimate Relationships: A Practical Introduction discusses fundamental concepts and insights from across the social sciences. It also attempts to engage students with high- interest, useful information and to answer the questions that matter greatly to them.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: SEEKING: Finding Happiness in Relationships in a Complex World 

Chapter 2: UNDERSTANDING: Learning about Intimate Behavior    

Chapter 3: GENDER: The Meanings of Masculinity & Femininity                          

Chapter 4: INVOLVEMENT: Dating, Pairing, & Courtship                          

Chapter 5: LOVE: The Many Faces                                                                        

Chapter 6: COMMUNICATION: Realizing Effective Intimacy                            

Chapter 7: SEXUALITY: Interpersonal Sexuality, Sexual Values, & Behavior 

Chapter 8: MARRIAGE: The Ultimate Commitment?                                              

Chapter 9: VARIATIONS: Nonmarital Families & Households                                  

Chapter 10: REPRODUCTION: Decisions about Having or Not Having Children

Chapter 11: PARENTING: Children, Families, & Generations                  

Chapter 12: WORK: Economics, Jobs, & Balancing Family Demands     

Chapter 13: CRISES: Managing Stress, Disaster, Violence, & Abuse            

Chapter 14: UNCOUPLING: Separation & Divorce                                           

Chapter 15: REMARRIAGE: Renewed & Blended Families                            



  1. Human Sexual Response
  2. Sexual Dysfunctions
  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  4. Reducing Risks of Acquiring STDs
  5. Contraceptive Choices
  6. Abortion