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Meaningful Curriculum for Young Children, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Eva Moravcik, Sherry Nolte, Stephanie Feeney

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 4, 2012

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Curriculum for Young Children–Making it Meaningful, Making it Joyful! is a practical, readable, and comprehensive text for early childhood curriculum courses, with a focus on preschool and early primary grades. It is unique in that it combines a child-centered, child-friendly approach with a focus on meaningful subject area and field-tested content. In this, it demonstrates intellectual integrity, sensitivity to children, and practical resources for providing educational support to children. It uses a direct, positive voice that engages students.


It begins with three chapters that give an overview of early childhood curriculum, planning, and curriculum integration. The remainder of the book consists of 12 chapters focusing on curriculum in four domains: physical (large motor, fine motor, sensory), creative arts (art, music, creative movement), communication (language, literacy, literature), and inquiry (math, science, and social studies). Each chapter explores the value of the curriculum area, describes its relationship to child development, explains the theory, structure and content of the discipline, and clarifies its connection to early learning standards. A discussion of ways to teach each subject through play in a planned environment, teacher-child interaction, and planned activities is included in each chapter. An example of a planned activity, a week’s plan, and an example of the curriculum area in an integrated study is included. Finally, there is a brief section that gives an example of how children with special needs can be included in this curriculum area and addresses considerations for working with primary school age children.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:   Curriculum That Engages Young Children

Chapter 2:   Planning, Implementing, and Assessing Curriculum

Chapter 3:   Planning Integrated Curriculum

Chapter 4:   Large Motor Curriculum: Moving and Learning

Chapter 5:   Fine Motor Curriculum: Manipulating and Coordinating

Chapter 6:   Sensory Development Curriculum: Sensing and Perceiving

Chapter 7:   Language Curriculum: Speaking and Listening

Chapter 8:   Literacy Curriculum: Exploring and Using Print

Chapter 9:   Literature Curriculum: Delighting in Books and Words

Chapter 10:   Visual Art Curriculum: Creating with Hand and Eye

Chapter 11:   Music Curriculum: Creating with Heart and Voice

Chapter 12:   Creative Movement Curriculum: Creating with Body and Mind

Chapter 13:    Math Curriculum: Discovering Patterns and Solving Problems

Chapter 14:    Science Curriculum: Discovering the Natural World

Chapter 15:    Social Studies Curriculum: Discovering the Social World


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