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Microformats Made Simple, Safari

By Emily P. Lewis

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Oct 13, 2009

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Microformats are HTML-based design patterns that help add meaning (semantics) to Web content. They are widely used by some of the most important sites on the Web including Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Twitter. The people behind these sites - content authors, designers and developers - understand the power and flexibility of microformats and are taking advantage of their capabilities. Any site can benefit from more effective content and improved user experience by employing microformats correctly. That's where this book excels.

In Microformats Made Simple, author Emily Lewis demystifies these simple open data formats that are designed for people first, machines second. With practical, easy-to-understand markup examples for a wide range of web content, she teaches readers everything they need to know to start adding semantic richness to their sites, which can improve SEO and standards compliance, and supports extensible data publishing. Emily also discusses historical challenges in working with microformats, including accessibility, and how the new value class pattern addresses these challenges.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Defining Outlines: XOXO
Chapter 3 Defining Links: rel and rev
Chapter 4 Defining Relationships: XFN
Chapter 5 Defining Bookmarks: xFolk
Chapter 6 Defining People, Organizations and Places: hCard
Chapter 7 Defining Events: hCalendar
Chapter 8 Defining Résumés: hResume
Chapter 9 Defining Syndicated Content: hAtom
Chapter 10 Defining Reviews: hReview
Chapter 11 Speed Round
Chapter 12 Because Looks Matter
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Microformats Made Simple, Safari

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