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Truth About Negotiations, The, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Leigh L. Thompson

Published by FT Press

Published Date: Sep 20, 2007

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The Truth About Series offers in each book the collected and distilled knowledge on a topic and shows readers how you to apply this knowledge in their everyday lives.  With an 'aha' on every page, information is presented in a clear and accessible style that the reader can easily reference. Written in short chapters, each book aims to cover an entire field of knowledge, cut to the gist of each subject in an entertaining way, and when necessary, pull the curtain back and pop the bubble of commonly held assumptions. Each Truth is a tool to make the readers more successful.


Life is a negotiation. Negotiation, whether it's a job offer, contract discussion, decisions between colleagues or customers, is an elemental part of one's professional life. At home, one needs to resolve differences with spouses and convince kids to do their homework. The Truth About Negotiations explains why great negotiators are taught (not born) and why your BATNA is key...



Table of Contents

                  Introduction  vii

Truth 1        If you have only one hour to prepare  1

Truth 2        Negotiation: A natural gift?  5

Truth 3        Rehearsal might get you to Carnegie, but it won’t help you negotiate  7

Truth 4        The power of making the first offer  11

Truth 5        What if you don’t make the first offer?  15

Truth 6        Don’t be a tough or a nice negotiator  19

Truth 7        Four sand traps in the golf game of negotiation  23

Truth 8        Your industry is unique (and other myths)  27

Truth 9        Identify your BATNA  31

Truth 10      It’s alive! Constantly improve your BATNA  35

Truth 11      Don’t reveal your BATNA  39

Truth 12      Don’t lie about your BATNA  43

Truth 13      Signal your BATNA  47

Truth 14      Research the other party’s BATNA  51

Truth 15      Develop your reservation price  53

Truth 16      Beware of ZOPA myopia  57

Truth 17      Set optimistic but realistic aspirations  61

Truth 18      Plan your concessions  65

Truth 19      Be aware of the “even-split” ploy  69

Truth 20      The pregame  73

Truth 21      The game  77

Truth 22      The postgame  81

Truth 23      What does “win-win” really mean?  85

Truth 24      Satisficing versus optimizing  89

Truth 25      There are really only two kinds of negotiations  93

Truth 26      Ask triple-I questions  97

Truth 27      Reveal your interests  101

Truth 28      Negotiate issues simultaneously, not sequentially  105

Truth 29      Logrolling (I scratch your back, you scratch mine)  109

Truth 30      Make multiple offers of equivalent value simultaneously  113

Truth 31      Postsettlement settlements  117

Truth 32      Contingent agreements  121

Truth 33      Are you an enlightened negotiator?  125

Truth 34      The reciprocity principle  129

Truth 35      The reinforcement principle  133

Truth 36      The similarity principle  137

Truth 37      Know when to drop an anchor  141

Truth 38      The framing effect  145

Truth 39      Responding to temper tantrums  149

Truth 40      What’s your sign? (Know your disputing style)  151

Truth 41      Using power responsibly  155

Truth 42      Saving face  157

Truth 43      How to negotiate with someone you hate  161

Truth 44      How to negotiate with someone you love  165

Truth 45      Building the winning negotiation team  169

Truth 46      What if they arrive with a team?  173

Truth 47      Of men, women, and pie-slicing  177

Truth 48      Know why the fish swim  181

Truth 49      It does not make sense to always get to the point  185

Truth 50      Negotiating on the phone  189

Truth 51      Your reputation  193

Truth 52      Building trust  197

Truth 53      Repairing broken trust  201

                  References  205

                  Acknowledgments  211

                  About the Author  212